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PakGamers - Marketplace Rules (v8.0)
Published 3rd August 2021

If you have a question regarding the rules or there is anything that is unclear, you can send a PM to me or any of the marketplace mods.

Thinking you are above the rules just because you are an old member, or because your tradescore is high is NOT acceptable.

For a guide on how to use the marketplace, refer to the Marketplace 101 thread.


If you have been scammed or cheated by a member of PakGamers, please reach out to one of the moderators. If the issue can be resolved and both parties involved are satisfied, then the case is closed. If the issue can not be resolved amicably, or the fraudulent party is not responding, the victim can proceed to contact the relevant authorities.

If you are victim of a scam / fraud or want to report someone for illegal activity online, please look here -
FIA National Response Center for Cyber Crime (NR3C)


Please do NOT contact PakGamers Administrators or any of the Marketplace mods when:

1) Reporting scams that happened with a PG member, but were dealt with outside of PG. We will NOT mediate between buyer and seller.

2) Reporting scams that happened with a banned PG member. They have been banned for a reason. We will NOT mediate between buyer and seller.

3) Reporting scams that have nothing to do with PG and happened on another site have no place here. We will NOT mediate between buyer and seller.

4) Reporting scams where the seller offers a buyer another item / product on their request which was NOT advertised on PG. We will NOT mediate between buyer and seller.



Repeatedly breaking these rules or trying to circumvent certain requirements will get your threads deleted and could result in a ban from the website.

1) Thread bumping

Thread bumps are only allowed ONCE every 96 hours (4 days).

For example, if you post an ad on 5th July at 02:00 PM, the next bump can be posted any time after 9th July at 02:00 PM, and not earlier than that.

Unnecessary bumping will be dealt with strictly. If your product is SOLD, there is no need to bump your thread for it, or make an announcement. Simply press the 'Mark as Sold' button above the thread title and the thread will be locked.

2) Items allowed for sale in each section:

Computers and Hardware:

-PC Components (CPU / GPU / RAM / HDD / SSD / PSU / PC Cases / PC Cooling Solutions / Sound Cards / Network Interface Cards)
-PC Peripherals (Monitors / Headphones / Keyboards / Mouse)

Other PC peripherals that have not been mentioned above should be advertised in the 'Other Stuff' section.

Game Consoles and Accessories:

-Game Consoles (PlayStation / Xbox / Nintendo)
-Console Games (Discs / Physical copies ONLY)
-Game Console Accessories

Mobile Phones and Accessories:

-Mobile Phones (Smartphones / Feature Phones) - PTA Approval Status is Mandatory for mobile phone threads
-Tablets - PTA Approval Status is Mandatory with SIM Slots / Cellular functionality
-Smart watches - PTA Approval Status is mandatory for smart watches with SIM slot / cellular functionality (if they have their own IMEIs)
-Mobile phone accessories (Cases / Screen Protectors / Skins / Chargers / Cables / Earphones / Headphones / Docking stations)

Other Stuff:

-Watches (Non smart watches can be posted in this section)
-Movies (DVDs / BluRay discs - ORIGINALS only, no pirated copies)
-Various PC peripherals that do not fit in the Computers and Hardware section
Use your common sense when posting in this section, PakGamers is not a general classifieds website. For example, if you're going to post an ad for your car, your old furniture or some used cosmetics (yes, it has happened before), please use a different platform.

3) Prohibited items:

Spoiler: show

-Livestock / pets
-Firearms and ammunition
-Memberships of services such as Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime / HBO or any other online TV / movie streaming service
-Memberships of VPN services such as PrivateInternetAccess, NordVPN, Express VPN and any other VPN services
-Digital accounts for gaming platforms such as Steam, Origin, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network (PSN)
-Digital gift cards for Steam / Xbox Live / PlayStation Network (PSN)
-Digital gift cards for any online services
-Digital copies of video games / movies / apps / software
-Offline activation / pirated video games
-Payment services for foreign website such as Amazon, eBay and many others
-Balance for PayPal and any other similar services
-Cryptocurrency of any kind
-Business investment opportunities
-PTA IMEI approval services (Illegal)
-iCloud lock removal services
-Network unlock services

Aside from the items mentioned in the list, we reserve the right to remove any advertisement threads that can implicate PakGamers or any of its administrators / moderators. In this case, the seller will not be warned in advance or given any notice.

4) Picture requirements:

Pictures are required on ALL ads, no matter what. No exceptions. Any threads without pictures will be deleted.

If you say 'Pics will be uploaded in xyz number of hours', your thread will be deleted. Only post the thread when you are completely ready with all the details and pictures.

For members with a tradescore below 10, they will have to upload pictures of their item with their username written on a piece of paper placed next to the item.
See an example

Upload pictures that clearly show the condition of the item, along with any additional photos of the original packaging (if available) and any accessories that will be sold / included with the item.

5) Discussions in Marketplace Threads:

Marketplace threads are only meant for the seller to post ads, and bump them when necessary. Nothing more.

Posting in any marketplace threads is NOT allowed under any circumstances. Any posts except those from the seller will be deleted without notice.

Giving advice is also not allowed since it is still considered as bumping the thread. While your advice may be good, and will be appreciated by the seller, you can't post in their marketplace thread. If you'd like to advise the seller about anything, feel free to send them a private message.

6) Mini Modding:

This is more of an extension of Rule 5, but still necessary for some users.

Mini modding will not be tolerated under any circumstances, even if it is in good faith.

Telling someone or demanding that they upload pictures or mention a specific thing in their ad is not your job.

If the ad is still fresh (less than 8 hours old), you could wait for someone from Team PG to notice it. If however it has been missed, PM any of the moderators about it and it will be handled.

7) Pre-orders:

Having pre-order threads is not allowed. You can not post a thread unless you have the product readily available with you. All pre-order threads will be deleted without notice.

8) Thread Limits:

There is a limit of 3 threads for each user. You can have a total of 3 threads in each Marketplace section, this means if you have 3 threads in the Computers and Hardware section, you can also have 3 separate threads in the Other Stuff section or the Mobile Phones section.

9) Bumping old threads:

For marketplace threads that have been inactive for over 90 days, you are not allowed to re-activate the same thread by bumping it. You will be required to create a new thread with new pictures of the item. Any attempts to use old photos will result in the thread being deleted without notice.

10) Bidding:

PakGamers does not have a bidding system. If you want to make an offer for an item, do so privately, either by sending the seller a Private Message on the forums, or by contacting them on their phone number given in the thread.

11) Thread format:

Threads must follow a certain acceptable format. Just adding the name of the item in the title and posting 2 blurry photos will get your thread deleted.

Mention the full name of the item, a model number (if applicable), warranty (if applicable), demand, location, a contact number and add clear photos.

12) Linking ads on other platforms:

If you posted an ad on OLX, Facebook marketplace or any other platform, you can post a blank thread here simply asking users to click on that ad for details. Any threads in this format will be deleted without warning.

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