Want To Sell Kailh GM 4.0 Mouse Micro Switch & Kailh Mini Micro SMT Switches For Side Button


Mar 22, 2009
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Only 2 pairs of each is available.

Kailh GM Mouse Micro Switch Red Button 60 Million Click lifetime - (PKR 1000 / Pair)

The Kailh Red 4.0 micro switch is quickly gaining popularity in the mouse modification scene as a great alternative to the more common Huano/Omron Brands. Described as feeling 'in-between' an Omron and a Huano switch in terms of feel and actuation force.

If you think the Logitech G Pro Wireless Clicks are too light and a Zowie Mouse Clicks are too heavy then the kailh red GM micro switch for you.

Kailh Mini Micro SMT Switches For Side Button - (PKR 800 / Pair)

This is mini SMD type micro switch rated for 5M life cycles, it's widely used for the side button of gaming mouse, it 's also applied on the direction button of joystick controllers.

Location: Lahore but these can be shipped on buyer's risk and expense.

Whatsapp: 0320-5000113
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