Want To Buy GTX 970 or GTX 1050Ti or Non Ti or R9 290/280x Required ASAP

Zeus MK

Aug 11, 2010
Under the Mercy of the Creator
Trader Score: 36 / 0 / 0
Must be flawless and Perfect in all aspects.Must be Hand2Hand Karachi deal.I would not pay more than 21K for GTX 970 (Non Manli of course)I would not pay more than 16K for R9 290 I would not pay more than 13K for R9 280x I would not pay more than 15K for 1050TiI would not pay more than 9K for 1050 non TiProvided condition is pristine^ Exceptions in price can only be made provided justified.Regards,And so all is cleared this leaves no room for unnecessary bargain slack time or confusion and so neither i expect nor i will tolerate the same.0312 865 0120 Contact me direct if ambitious about the said^ most welcome.script issue wont let even paragraphing
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