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Aug 13, 2007
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Yar! I dunno If this will do any good! I got few offers already and I have only few weeks to finalize the Deal. I think this offer is also good 4 Khi ppl as its much less pain to upgrade running setup then to start a new one! But lets C! Here are my Details:

NexGen Game Zone is Located in Saadar, Hyderabad City. I Wish to sell this running bussiness. You can continue to rent my current shop(Rent is 14,000) and do bussiness there or Shift everything to wherever you wish. My Demand is Rs.350,000 (Slightly Negotiatable) Contact at 022-2786400 and Talk to Aamir.

Complete Detail of Equipment for Sale is:
8 PCs - 3.2 P4 HT, MB intel 1020, 512 MB DDR-2, Nvidia 7600 GS 256 MB PCX, 80 GB HDD.
9 PCs - 2.4 P4 HT, MB intel 865, 256 MB DDR, Nvidia 5200 or 5600 128MB AGP, 80 GB HDD.
2 PCs - 2.8 P4 HT, MB intel 865, 512 MB DDR, Nvidia 5900 GT 256 MB AGP, 80 GB HDD.
20+ CRT Monitors of 21 inch size.
1 AC 1.5 Ton Mutsubishi Japan
1 AC 1.5 Ton Waves Pakistan

Match Room Partition (initially Worth 25,000)
5 Computer table for 3 PCs (initially Worth 10,000 each)
2 Computer table for 2 PCs (initially Worth 5,000 each)
1 Reception Table (initially worth 10,000)
12+ Revolving Chairs (worth 4000 when 1st bought!)
6 Chairs (initially worth 1500)
24 Port Switch and Ethernet Cables
HeadPhones, Keyboards, Mouse, Cables and other accesories.

NexGen GamesZone
Office # 6, Najmi Heights MezzanineFloor, Doctor Lane, Saadar Hyd.
Phone. 022-2786400
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