Want To Sell Ftw3 Ultra 3070 .


Dec 7, 2014
Baluchistan Quetta/ L.oralai
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Selling 3070 its Top Tier A+ variant , one of the best premium gpu out in market . LHR

Condition : 10/10

With Box .

Bought from Mubitek .

Has 3 year international warranty ( 900+ days left) .

Any Fault : Not a single fault .

Contact : Whatsapp only 03361543114

Price : 141 Inc ship (costs 2k) Take or leave
iF you can find this edition for lower please buy it from there or dont compare it with mined garbage prices.

Please dont compare it with mined garbage going for lower rates .

Only Contact if interested in buying .IF you Run away after reservation you will be reported for time wasting .

low balling and lollygagging is not tolerated .

P.s : its not like the mined or refurb D-gpu out there in market going for lower prices so it has a lot of life left in it .


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