[OT] Epic Games Store : Where Price is just a number to get time exclusivity rights


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Nov 14, 2007
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The upcoming SNK 30th Samurai Shodown Anniversary collection will be free on Epic Store in second week of June. Sweet.

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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Disco Elysium is now on the Epic Games Store[/h]

No word about those console ports, though

Disco Elysium, ZAUM’s award-winning role-playing game about a hard-boiled detective with amnesia, just got added to the Epic Games Store. The studio announced the game’s release on Epic’s storefront as part of today’s Guerrilla Collective livestream, an online event featuring announcements from several indie game developers.
The game was already available on Steam, initially for just Windows and, this past April, for Mac OS as well. Console ports had been announced to be in development for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. This past April, the developers said the Switch port would be coming “soon.” However, today’s announcement did not include any details about when players could expect the game to come to consoles.
Disco Elysium captured many players’ hearts and minds with its surprising story and plethora of narrative options. Polygon’s review described it as having “enough charm to make just about everything else on the market look boring.” It’s worth playing on whatever platform it manages to come to.



Apr 12, 2007

And at the center of it all is Microsoft’s profit-and-loss analysis for the Xbox hardware, which no one on the Apple side has seen. It’s worth remembering here that Apple and Microsoft have been locked in heated competition for decades now, and while Apple doesn’t have a product competing specifically against the Xbox, the broader companies are tied up in a delicate balance of fierce competition and business cooperation. As a result, Microsoft really does not want to give Apple sensitive financial data about the Xbox — and Apple sees the P&L statement as a way to punch back at Microsoft for getting involved in the App Store fight in the first place.

A big part of the legal fight is over which documents can be used in the trial and which parts of those documents can be blacked out to conceal trade secrets or other information the companies would rather not get out. The companies’ lawyers have been going back and forth on these tiny details for months; it’s just what lawyers do.

But it’s fair to say this case has been unusually chaotic — either because of the remote nature of the trial or the sheer volume of different companies involved. A lot of information has come out of the discovery in this case, and not all of it was supposed to. Now, Microsoft is caught between giving up information that could help in court and giving up business secrets to a longtime rival. Microsoft wants Epic to win this case, and it’s willing to talk about Xbox profitability if it helps to make that happen. But giving up that information in open court might be a bridge too far.
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