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Oct 29, 2011
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As done by GC in the CCC section. To reduce sticky hoarding, i am creating this thread in the Education and Career section as well.

Why don't you have a Job
Why Don't You Have a Job?
Struggling to get a Job? Read this for some important tips and things to look out for when applying for jobs.

CV Writing and Interviewing for Dummies
CV Writing & Interviewing Guide For Dummies !
Get helpful tips on writing CVs and giving a successful interview

Calling All Freelance Writers
Calling All Freelance Writers and Content Producers
Wanna contribute to PG? You can submit your articles/reviews etc.

The Official Medical Thread
The Official Medical Thread
The OT for Medical students

Which University should I choose?
Which University should I choose?

A fellow member named @linkinpark , has put up some wonderful guides regarding O/A Level Equivalence and Pakistani Universities.

Which University should I Join? Pakistani Graduates answer your FAQs!

Complete Guide to O/A Level Equivalence
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