Does Wateen internet in DHA Lahore have higher upload speed?


Aug 28, 2007
I am a Wateen DHA Lahore user. I have a question regarding the Wateen internet for those using in DHA Lahore. I had a 10MB connection with a 10MB download but only a 2MB upload speed. I availed a promotion for 6 months to double the speed to 20MB and it did increase the download speed to 20MB but my upload speed remained the same i.e. 2MB.

I know Wateen has higher packages even up to 100MB but my question is that do the higher packages have better upload speed or the same upload speed? The reason I am asking that my 10MB and 20MB connection upload speed remained unchanged i.e. 2MB so I was wondering is it even worth it to upgrade the package higher in the future as I am interested in better upload speed? I might think about streaming but that is not possible with a 2MB speed. My older connection 4MB had a lower upload speed but the upgrade to 10MB upload speed increased but 10MB to 20MB had no change on upload speed so confused about this and there is no information on the internet or their website about Wateen upload speeds.


Jan 6, 2013
Generally, they have a ratio of 1:5 or 1:4. But in some areas (rarely) its 1:2. so you should be getting 4-5mb upload on 20mb minimum. If not, they you should complain. They told me on help line, that 1:5 is guaranteed. But if you are lucky, it might be 10mb upload on 20mb download. But that's area wise different. Ask around anyone else, if they are using wateen. But you should get minimium 4mb upload on 20mb package.
Do you have any latency issue peak hours? like speed dropping or latency increasing after 8pm?
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