MULTI Call of Duty: Vanguard officially announced, to be revealed in Warzone


Apr 12, 2007

Our goal coming out of the Vanguard Beta was to give players a faster and smoother gameplay experience at launch. To achieve that, we've reduced weapon swap/pickup animation speeds and are bringing in new movement perks. We've also added the "Ninja" perk which allows you to have silent footsteps at all times.

Big changes have been made to our audio mix across the board, such as increasing footstep sounds, reducing the announcer frequency, and much more. We've improved the performance of Vanguard across all platforms and fixed glitches resulting in pixelation, lighting issues, and graphical corruption that some players experienced in Beta. We've also squashed some pesky bugs that caused spawn issues in Patrol mode.
  • Distortion effects were removed from muzzle flash and we reduced smoke emitted when firing a weapon
  • Completed a pass on muzzle flash placement/coverage when aiming down sights
  • VFX Environment ambient placement for better sightlines
  • Removed the droplets of water that get all up in your face when it rains
  • Various bugs have been fixed including a bug where certain optics would stop enemy and friendly HUD icons from displaying while ADS
  • We've fixed cases of nametags appearing through Destruction
  • Lens flare reduced across all maps (we nerfed the sun)
  • We will continue to refine VFX, Lighting, and UI into launch and monitor player feedback surrounding the various topics of visibility.
  • Audio received a complete mixing and content overhaul to address community feedback from the Public Beta, including more audible footsteps, player and non-player weapons, and map environment content
  • Footsteps are silent when players ADS, Crouch Walk, or have a Perk / Field Upgrade equipped which silences movement
  • Fixed a bug that caused shots after the first shot to be too quiet
  • Operator quips occur less frequently
  • Asked Butcher to chill out. VO lines are less frequent

  • Grenades and incendiaries no longer slow movement speed of players
  • A cap has been placed on max suppression effects
  • Changes have been made to animation times including weapon swap speeds and throwing of equipment (ie: Gammon bombs can be thrown more quickly)
  • Sprint out times have been sped up and re-balanced
  • Dev Tip: Dauntless, a perk that players didn't have access to in Beta, makes players immune to movement reducing effects
Brilliant changes 🤜

Gold camo grinders, Prestige warriors, or leaders of the (currently frozen) Regiment system, listen up:

Vanguard Multiplayer and Zombies – as well as Warzone, following Season One – is here to reward you for personal progress. The best of the best can expect to be decked out in Gold — and then some — from their Operator to their fully loaded 10-attachment weapon.

For those who play the game day in, day out, this is a taste of the experience you can gain from the challenges that Sledgehammer Games put together:

– The Ranking E(XP)erience — 55 Enlisted Ranks to unlock all Loadout items. Seasonal Prestige system to return.

– Weapon Progression — Weapon XP unlocks attachments and Camo Challenges. Use attachments across all modes and unlock two sets of striking cosmetic camouflage rewards: one through Zombies and another through Multiplayer or Warzone.

– New Operator XP, Leveling, and Rewards — All 12 Operators at launch and others to come — can be leveled up to unlock new Skins, including special Gold attire, Weapon XP for specific weapons, and more. Use their Favorite Weapon to earn bonus Weapon and Operator XP.
Headlining that batch of free content is Shipment, the classic frenetic Multiplayer experience re-fitted for Vanguard, currently scheduled for a November 17 arrival. Newcomers and veterans alike can ready up for a fresh take on the map that's entertained Call of Duty fans for over a decade, providing all Vanguard players a chaotic playground for destruction.
The inclusion of MW and CW maps makes this a day 1 purchase for me 🤜
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