Want To Buy Battlefield 1 or 4 or 5 Account

Zeus MK

Aug 11, 2010
Under the Mercy of the Creator
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[h=1]Assalam o alekum,

As the title says I want to buy Battlefield 4 or 1 or 5 account. Not interested in buying key for 2x or 3x more money no point doing that.

*Disclaimer: I am aware that selling accounts is banned however I am not selling I am buying on my own responsibility. The mutual agreement between me and the other party selling shall be between me and him/her and PG shall not be liable in any way past, present or future as I affirm.

The Account shall in sha ALLAH be purchased on cash or via easy paisa etc and can also be traded (plus cash) where applicable with SB0460 Xtreme Music Sound Card.

Contact me directly : 0315 0250 860
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