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Jan 20, 2007
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Virtua Tennis 2009

Developer : Sumo Digital
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Sports
Release: Spring 2009

The Virtua Tennis(VT) series is back for another crack at the top spot. Since the first game was released on Dreamcast the series has been a fans’ favorite. Sega has made a conscious effort to turn the franchise in a seminal affair and hence we are looking at the 3rd tennis game from Sumo Digital in as many years.

While last years’ Sega Superstar Tennis focused more on the party side of things with its roster of famous Sega characters, VT is back to being a more serious affair. The new version includes an updated cast. Joining the 8 new faces on the court are 3 legends who will play a vital role in the career mode acting as your mentors. The Davis Cup has also been licensed for this version.

Gameplay improvements are limited, as has the case been with VT. The focus is on arcadey fun rather than real life simulation of the game and the minigames in-between matches underline this fact. VT has always been known for its zany minigames and 5 more join the show this time.

The biggest update in this iteration of the series is the inclusion of online career mode where you can progress through your single player career by playing against other gamers from around the world rather than the CPU. A better multiplayer versus mode is also promised with improved rankings and stat tracking.

It will release simultaneously for PS3, Wii, Xbox360 and PC and will include online play for all versions.

We know what to expect from VT, the changes are minimal but it still has the same great gameplay with little tweaks here and there. VT 2009 will be solid addition to the series and a must have for anyone looking for a fun experience.

By radd

Faisal Tahir – Pakgamers.com


Oct 6, 2008
The Wii version should be arcade style... Like EA's new GrandSlam Tennis
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