[Attack From Both Sides] Episode 7 28-2-2016


Apr 12, 2007
Good to hear Gizmo's impressions on Firewatch. It's a game I've been eager to play for a while, but have been put off by performance issues on the PS4.

Also, based on your discussion on The Witness in this and the previous podcast, it seems like the game isn't for me.
May 8, 2009
It's a game I've been eager to play for a while, but have been put off by performance issues on the PS4.
Same here and the PC issues kinda caught me by surprise.

Tagging more people this time since we've done some non-gaming stuff too: [MENTION=55663]rotipuj[/MENTION] [MENTION=62046]Jester[/MENTION] [MENTION=38771]Anurin[/MENTION]
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Oct 4, 2012
@Ranger Taffles : I would recommend playing Firewatch but not at that price. $20 is a bit much for a 2-3 hour game with little to no replay value. The artstyle is fantastic and the animations, though there aren't many, are nice. The music was something I really liked as well. The highlight of the game is definitely the conversations between Henry and Delilah.

@Gizmo : spoilers for Firewatch
Spoiler: show
I found the ending to be kinda disappointing even though I understand why it is the way it is. Also, that mystery was never really interesting in the first place so I didn't care much about that.

BTW, the choices only result in some different dialogue and nothing else.

@CerebralTiger : The 1.02 patch locks the game to 30fps which fixes some of the issues, apparently. But like I said, I wouldn't recommend the game at that price.

@RT and Giz: SUPERHOT is great. Probably the most innovative shooter I've played. Kinda short though, but it has or will have custom levels so that should be cool. It has a few issues with stuttering when you move at full speed, but you hardly ever do that so it doesn't bother me all that much.
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