Are you affected by PTCL routing change to SEA server ? CS:GO


May 3, 2012
At this point, PTCL is dogshit. I got a 1 MB fariya line for 500 rs a month and it gives the following pings:

India: <50 ms
Dubai: <50 ms
SEA: 80-90 ms
EUW, EUE: 150 ms
Russia: <150 ms

How can ptcl not get their shit together when a small company like fariya can kick their asses both in prices, speeds, pings, basically everything? The only reason i don't completely switch is when the light is gone in my arena my fariya turns off so i have to use this shit PTCL.

PTCL better get their shit together fast, i'm sick and fed up of this shit, it's nearly fucking 2017.


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Oct 27, 2016
can u tell me website of fariya

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u mean SHITPTCL will fix soon and our pings will come back to 120 rather than 320
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