AMD Firepro GL V3800 [HD 5570] @ 2.3K Shipped.

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Feb 5, 2008
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AMD Firepro GL V3800 512MB DDR3 Card,

Details: Its a DX11 card with OpenGL 4.5 Support it has the same specs as a HD5570 and same performance you can check 3Dmark11 results. I can give you custom drivers for it which supports latest AMD adrenaline.


: Bit dusty otherwise Flawless, Idle temp 40C, Load temp never crosses 65C.

Performance: Good GPU for a HTPC Setup although it can run several games including CSGO at low settings, Valorant at medium settings. and Can run basically every emulator at good speeds.

Warranty: 3 Days for local buyers, No warranty on shipping whatsoever.

Location: Karachi

Price: 2300 RS > 1450RS Shipped.

Contact via SMS @ 0340-2118166 or via Whatsapp @ 03122093480

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