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  1. FaridAhmed

    Want To Buy XS Max

    looking tor xs max dual pta in lahore contact: 0345-4771940
  2. FaridAhmed

    Samsung s10 Plus

    looking for s10 plus PTA Approved in lahore
  3. FaridAhmed

    iPhone XS Max Physical Dual PTA Approved

    Xs max 64gb gold Physical dual sim pta approved Factory Unlock With all accessories 99% battery 10/10 Location is Lahore SOLD 4
  4. FaridAhmed

    Final demand for charge 2?

    Final demand for charge 2?
  5. FaridAhmed

    SOLD iPhone xs max

  6. FaridAhmed

    SOLD iPhone 8

  7. FaridAhmed

    SOLD Huawei P9 Lite

  8. FaridAhmed

    [SOLVED] Total bill of PTCL 10mb package with taxes?

    lucky you, ISL probably have lower taxes, i am paying like 700 tax on 4mb connection in lahore, its something like 27xx
  9. FaridAhmed

    [OT] Banks of Pakistan | Services, Accounts, Debit Cards, Credit Cards. | Help 'n' Advice

    i would like to point out that alfalah's credit card have no annual fee i have only tried it on aliexpress few times and it was fine so daraz, steam etc should also be fine plus they allow to submit the payment online via other bank just like online transfer, no need to go to bank to do so
  10. FaridAhmed

    Which Smart Watch for my mother?

    this entirely depends upon your budget getting a branded one is always better as chinese behave unexpectedly and have terrible battery life look at amazfit bip. it has upto 45 days battery life on watch mode and doesn't cost an arm and leg
  11. FaridAhmed

    ISP recommendation for Faisal town D block

    i heard fiber link is present there i am using ptcl currently in D block
  12. FaridAhmed

    [OT] The TV SHOW Thread: Watch, Discuss and Have Fun! No Open Spoilers!!

    just first episode of season 3 is out yet
  13. FaridAhmed

    [OT] The TV SHOW Thread: Watch, Discuss and Have Fun! No Open Spoilers!!

    is no body watching rick and morty? its adult animated science-fiction sitcom and got a 9.3 on imdb
  14. FaridAhmed

    Samurai Jack [Adult Swim] Discussion Thread

    i like that Scaramouche character *babe*
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