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    9th gen Motherboard

    Salam pg members Looking for 9th gen mobo for my 9100f Simple mobo required but condition must be good drop offers thanks
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    i3 9100f or i3 8100 Package (board pro ram) USED

    Looking for mobo now for 9100f mobo must be in good condition Location : Mianwali,Bhakkar, D I KHAN or Bahawalpur. Thanks
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    Want To Sell Gigabyte H110 M-H 6th /7th gen board with minor issue

    As the title says I am selling Gigabyte H110 M-H 6th 7th gen ddr4 board with I/O plate. Known Issue : Random restart sometimes it would work for days without restart and sometimes it would restart in few hours . Mainly I do video editing and Esports gaming so it was'nt a big issue for me cuz it...
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    Core i5 6th gen PC for sale in parts

    Hi , I am selling following PC Components : Processor : Core i5 6400 +HSF @ SOLD to @ibnefahim Ram : Kingston 16gb ddr4 2166mhz Single Stick @ SOLD Cooler : Cooler Master hyper tx3 Evo(with box) @ SOLD SSD : Samsung Evo 120 SSD @ SOLD HDD : Seagate 1TB @ SOLD ONLY SSD AND PROCESSOR LEFT...
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    Want To Sell Core i5 6th gen processor + 16gb ddr4 2166mhz ram + Cooler Master Hyper Tx3 Evo cooler

    Selling Below mentioned items : 1) Core i5 6400 chip with HSF and box 2) Kingston 16gb ddr4 2166mhz Single Stick 3) Cooler Master Hyper Tx3 Evo Cooler Demand : 31500 (Negotiable for serious buyers and buyers who will buy combo) Note : Ram and Cpu will be sold as a combo. 3 Days checking...
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    Want To Buy Rx 470

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    Want To Buy gpu (12-13k)

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    Want To Buy Gtx 1050

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    SOLD Gaming Mouse

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