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  1. venom

    [SWITCH] Zelda : Breath of the Wild

    Hello Everyone, Only the Cartridge. Game case is not available. Price: Rs. 3,200 Shipping on buyers expense and liability. Contact: PM or SMS at 0321 - Eight Nine Nine One Two One Eight. Location: Karachi Pictures:
  2. venom

    Want To Buy PS4 - Judgement

    Hey. Please PM or text @ 0322 - 4779655 if you are selling Judgement at a reasonable price. Would prefer a used copy.
  3. venom

    PS4 PRO - Immaculate Condition with extras

    Hello Everyone. Selling my PS4 Pro in immaculate condition. This was bought brand new from Dubai and has only been used by me with a branded FOAMY LIZARD DUST COVER from Amazon from Day 1. The Dual Shock 4 also has been used with extreme care and was placed in the PS4 branded carrying case when...
  4. venom

    MULTI Black Myth: Wu Kong

    Bloody hell... talk about waking up to see something really surprising.... This just came out of no where and looks like an absolute stunner. No word on the release date or the platforms it will be releasing on but this definitely blew me away.
  5. venom

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Hello Selling Ghost of Tshushima in used but perfect condition. Price: SOLD Shipping on buyer's expense and liability. Contact : 0321 - Eight Nine Nine One Two One Eight Location: Karachi.
  6. venom

    REALME 6 - Open BOX (Otherwise Brand new)

    Hello Selling Realme 6. Got as a gift but I dont use android so selling it. It has just been used for a like a day or two, just wanted to see what the 90Hz screen refresh rate felt lke. and thats it. Haven't even taken out the accessories out of the box. It is as good as new. This is the 4GB /...
  7. venom

    MULTI Need Suggestions

    Hello fellow PGers Apologies in advance if this is not the right category to be posting in. So i have been gaming on my Entry level Samsung KU7000 TV which is both 4K and HDR compatible. My consoles and the TV are basically set up in my bedroom but since I have a new born now I am planning to...
  8. venom

    [PS4] Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order

    Condition: As good as new. Price : Rs. 3,999 Shipping on buyers expense and liability. Contact: PM or SMS at 0321-Eight Nine Nine One Two One Eight Location : Karachi. No Trades. Pictures:
  9. venom

    [PS4] Yakuza 0, 1 (Steel book), 2 (Steel book) & Dragon's Dogma

    Judgement is available for sale
  10. venom

    MULTI XIII remake arrives this November

  11. venom

    Playstation Little Devil Inside | PS5

  12. venom

    MULTI Kena: Bridge of Spirits - PS5 and PC

    As it should be.
  13. venom

    SOLD [PS4] Control

  14. venom

    SOLD [PS4] Days Gone

  15. venom

    SOLD [PS4] Metro Exodus

  16. venom

    MULTI Mutant Year Zero : Road to Eden

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