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  1. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell KLIM Chroma Wireless RGB keyboard + Mouse

    1:. I'm KLIM Chroma Wireless RGB keyboard (USB dongle + USB type cabke supported for fast charging). Its labelled as water proof having few RGB lighting modes/levels. Box open for checking (new) Prices only : 4500 2:. Argnomic Wireless 5 Button mouse (not for gaming though). Box open for...
  2. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy 800-1000 watts PSU

    Looking for a used/non repaired 800 - 1000 watts PSU preferably Gold/ Platinum rated from Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic or Antec. Contact @ 0333 6623775.
  3. Raging BulL

    Want To Trade WTS- Dell Vostro 5468 Laptop

    I want to upgrade/sale my Dell Vostro 5468 Laptop that is in perfect condition. Laptop has minor wear n tear marks on body but working 100% fine, perfect battery timing with 1080p display & backlit keyboard. some basic specs include ; Pro: i5 7200U, 8GB RAM, 128 GB M2, 500 GB 1TB...
  4. Raging BulL

    Want To Trade Redragon K530 Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard

    HI, Selling the Redragon Draconic K530 Wireless (BT) RGB Mechanical Keyboard having brown switches. Anyone interested in specs can check the LINK: Condition: 10/10 scratch less & boxed Price: Only 7.5K (bought at 8300) For more queries...
  5. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Dual sim android phone

    Need Dual sim android phone (preferably Samsung/Xiaomi) in 30k range. Contact @ 03336623775
  6. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell Some Wireless Gaming mouse

    Selling few wireless mice... 1.:. Redragon M913 Elite. Almost new mouse with all packing etc. Most affordable wireless gaming MMO mouse with 18000 DPI & RGB lighting effects. Price .:. Only 6.5k 2 .:. Logitech Performance MX wireless rechargeable mouse with 4 argonomic side buttons. Condition...
  7. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Looking PC Case (Preferably ATX)

    Looking PC Case (Preferably ATX). Prices shouldn't be more than 15k... 0333 6623775
  8. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell EVGA 1080Ti SC

    Here is EVGA 1080Ti SC up for sale. Card is 101% OK with custom cooler installed. It was lying from several months unused so i decided to let it go evntually. Sparingly used & never mined/ abused card.... Price is just 130K Drop a msg for furthe queries @ 0333 6623775 Location is Okara Garrison
  9. Raging BulL

    Want To Trade Miscellaneous PC Stuff

    Following items were lying spare with me so i decided to sale then, 1:. Aigo Darkflash 3 Fan RGB kit (new) Price @ 4.8 K 2:. 1TB PC Toshiba HDD Price @ SOLD 3:. Laptop HDDs 5400 RPM 320 Gb @ 2200 500 Gb @ 2700 1TB @ SOLD 4:. Kingston NV1 nvme SSD 500 GB packed @ SOLD Godenfir 360GB SSD...
  10. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell HP LP3065 30" LCD Monitor

    Selling my HP LP3065 30" LCD Monitor in all good conditions. Its 2K resolution( 2560 x 1600 - 60Hz) monitor with dual DVI link input for good performance. LCD has its stand, Cable & Dual link DVi cable only (no box present). No dead pixel, lines or flickering issue in panel ,however a very light...
  11. Raging BulL

    PC 30,30+" display with 144hz

    Need recommendations for 30,30+" display with 144hz refresh rates & 2k resolution in minimal prices. Dont want 4k resolution as i dont want to stress up my gpu on higher resolution. I checked various online websites but couldnt find availbilty of listed models. Max budget is around 70-80K.
  12. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 or S21

    Looking for Samsung Galaxy S20 or S21 dual sim variant. Must be officially PTA approved. 0333 6623775
  13. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

    Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Mouse required. Max Budget is 10-12k Contact : 0333 6623775
  14. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell Acer Travelmate B113 laptop

    Acer Travelmate B113 laptop in preston conditions having perfect battery timing upto 4 hours (battery wear level 6%) 4GB ram & 250GB SSD Charger +Laptop only. Asking price : 14000 Location : Okara Cantt Acer Travelmate B113
  15. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell Bloody G575 Headphones

    Bloody G575 7.1 Gaming headphones Box opened (used for 2 days only) 10/10 conditions. Price : 3.5k (courier on buyer) Can be traded with some better headphones Location : Okara Cantt (0333 6623775) Bloody G 575
  16. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell Kingston NV1 & Crucial micron P2 nvme

    Following Nvme SSDs are up for sale. Kingston NV1 500 gb (sealed) Price = 9.5K Crucial micron P2 2TB (just box opened) Price = 28k For queries : 0333 6623775
  17. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Looking for Display, M2 SSD, AM4 Cooler & Headphones

    Looking for following ; 1. 30-34 Inch Display with minimum 144hz refresh rates 2. 256-500 GB Nvme SSD Card in perfect health ( preferably Gen 3) 3. A cheap Cooler for AMD AM4 (3K for Heat sink or 7K for Liquid) 4. A reasonably good sound quality headphones around 3-4K 5. 500-600 Watts...
  18. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Cooler & Motherboard for Ryzen 5800x

    Looking for Cooler & Motherboard for Ryzen 5800x in 30k range. Seller can contact @0333 6623775 ..
  19. Raging BulL

    PC Suggestions for PC upgrade

    Aoa, My current setup includes: i7 4790+ Z87 mobo + 16GB Ram & 1080Ti while my upgrade budget is around 100K. I have to options of upgrade in my mind ; 1. > Keep 1080Ti GPU & upgrade Pro+Mobo to intel 9700 or Ryzen 3700 2.> Stick to ( i7 4790+ Z87 mobo ) & upgrade GPU to 3070Ti Which option...
  20. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell WTT Gaming Rig

    HI, Complete Gaming PC up for sale having following specs., .. Intel i7 4790 Asus Z87MA Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400 mhz 16GB (8+8) 256GB Goldfin SSD+ 1TB Toshiba HDD Aigo DarkFlash 3x RGB Kit & NZXT V12XT Controller (Box Available) EVGA 1080Ti Black (Box Available) Traded for Higher end GPU...
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