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    Need advice for 5800x cooler

    I currently have Ryzen 5 3600 with Antec A400 and B550 Gaming X V2 motherboard and I want to upgrade my processor to 5800x. The retailer where I am purchasing the 5800x from is recommending me to upgrade to AIO liquid cooler. I personally prefer air coolers because I have heard horrible stories...
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    Need advice for new PC parts

    Assalamalikum, I currently have an old gaming laptop and I am looking into upgrading to a good gaming PC that can handle most AAA titles at 1080p 144hz with medium to high settings. I am looking into building a gaming PC with the RTX 3060 TI as its much cheaper than and performs equal to a 2080...
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    Need traceroutes!!

    Assalamalikum, my ISP stormfiber is asking for traceroutes for this IP: in order to get my issue fixed. People in Lahore on PIE are requested to post their traceroutes so I can show them to my ISP. Thank you.
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    Rainbow 6 Siege PC Voice chat not working!

    I am unable to hear anyone or use my microphone in Rainbow 6 Siege. My ISP is Stormfiber and I have static IP and so all ports are open but the voice chat still doesn't work. I contacted Stormfiber and they told me that PTA's WMS (Web Monitoring System) is causing this issue as VOIP traffic...
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    Tired of PTCL's BS

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