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  1. hms2407

    Want To Buy Looking for Android Phone.

    xperia L for sale,condition 9/10,the device packs in a snapdragon s4 dual core cpu (which in terms of performance and architecture is wayyy better than those cheap mediatek quadcore phones) coupled with a gig a ram and has sony's custom ui running on the top of android 4.2.2! price=19k (can...
  2. hms2407

    SOLD Sony Xperia L c2105 (international version)

    bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! price reduced to 20k
  3. hms2407

    SOLD Sony Xperia M Dual

    selling xperia L (with larger screen,higher res camera and better cpu) for the same price....if interested pm me
  4. hms2407

    SOLD Sony Xperia L c2105 (international version)

    Bump!!! Price reduced to 22k
  5. hms2407

    Want To Buy Xperia S Reasonable Offers, Not Damaged.

    well I suggest you to wait for xperia L since it'll have a newer cpu/gpu and will be much cheaper and faster than the S
  6. hms2407

    Want To Buy Android Phone - Budget: Around Rs. 25,000

    bro wait for a few for weeks and get a xperia L,the specs are very good (1ghz dual core s4 cpu,adreno 305 gpu and 1 gb ram) and will come with jelly bean out of the box !!(y)
  7. hms2407

    Want To Sell xperia sk17i cheap (urgent)

    SOLD,mods please close the thread !!:wink2:
  8. hms2407

    Urdu translation of ur fav. games

    stalker shadow of chernobyl چیرنوبل کے شکاری چھایا stalker call of pripyat کے شکاری کو فون test drive unlimited 2 ٹیسٹ لامحدود 2 ڈرائیو naughty bear شرارتی برداشت lololololol
  9. hms2407

    Random Funny Pictures (56K Warning)

  10. hms2407

    L.A noire gameplay

  11. hms2407

    MULTI True crime cancelled noooooooooooooooooooooo!

    im going to go leanidos on their Asses
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