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    Samsung Display Problem

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    Help Needed Upgrading Current Rig

    Okay then its Core i5 2500K and either the GTX 560Ti or the GTX 570 as suggested by MaDDawG... and btw I will be SLi'ing in the future as the GTX 600 series will be too expensive to upgrade to so what do you guys suggest for power requirements ? i seriously doubt either my CM 600W or the Antec...
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    Help Needed Upgrading Current Rig

    all is great but.. why change my 600W CM PSU to a 600W xigmatec ? any good reason to spend 6.2k ? all this is great but can u suggest any card from nvidia ? some thing within the same price range of the 6950 ICEQ *preferably Evga* i just love evga stuff i dont know why..? thanks for the case...
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    Razer Lachesis 4000dpi NOT DETECTED :(

    comon guys this is supposed to be a gamer's paradise !! reply ?? i cant play any game properly with a wireless mouse (and no its not a razer mamba :p)
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    Razer Lachesis 4000dpi NOT DETECTED :(

    I just went through this thread and seems as his mouse is being detected but isnt working for some reason.... my mouse doesnt even appear in the device manager... and p.s i just tried it on another pc with XP x32 and the same thing is happening on that pc aswell... only the mousewheel wala light...
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    Hey just got here!

    thnx but hey listen how do i put my display pic ? its not working... Edit : Fixed
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    Playstation The Official Gran Turismo 5 Thread - Spec 2.0 Now Available, DLC coming 18th october

    hey any ideas on how to upload pics from my ps3 ...? btw what level are u guys on? my pc is messed up so im logged in from my ps3 :/ and all this was a pain to typ!!
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    Hey just got here!

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    [RETIRED] ASK A GURU : Technical trouble with your PC ? ASK HERE

    Heyhey!! Hi i need help cuz my pc hangs up after the os selection screen ... Ive been using vista x32... P.s my pc's specs : E7300 XFX 750 mobo EVGA 9800 GTX+ seagate 250gig kingston 2gb Coolermaster 600Watts psu.. Any help will be appreciated THANKS :) btw im logged in from my ps3 and it...
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