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  1. venom

    Playstation Returnal Launched ! Resogun creators (Housemarques) PlayStation 5 Exclusive

    Yar I dont think I will ever stop admiring how good this game is. Whenever this comes out on PC, I would definitely recommend @Necrokiller and all the other PC folks to give this game a try. Such an underated gem.
  2. venom

    Playstation Spider Man: Miles Morales Announced - PS5 - Holiday 2020

    Oh this is BIG !!! Spiderman was like the poster child of Sony exclusivity and to bring this to PC is HUGE !!!
  3. venom

    MULTI Resident Evil 4 Remake Announced - March 24 2023 - PS5, Series S|X, PC

    The only thing i was certain about was WHO would be posting this on PG the minute this was official. And I wasnt wrong ! It looks so good though. I am a little curious how capcom is going to handle those dated aiming mechanics of the original one. Cant wait to see more on this.
  4. venom

    MULTI Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (Sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order) - 2023 - PC and Next Gen Only

    Yeah the fist game was really good. And to top it all, this one is current gen only which is fantastic news. Cant wait to see more on this.
  5. venom

    MULTI Cyberpunk 2077 - 18+ million copies sold!

    And done with the game. I think I picked the worst ending with surrendering my soul to Arasaka lol. Will try a couple more endings tonight. The game is still fairly buggy at least on the PS5, the enemy / NPC AI was all over the place, the RPG mechanics were meh, the world it self was such a...
  6. venom

    MULTI The Cowabunga Collection packs in 13 retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games

    Just saw the 11 minute gameplay trailer. Man, the nostalgia hit was real for this one. 15 yrs old me, playing the same game over and over and over again. Those were the days.
  7. venom

    Playstation Sony PlayStation 5 : PS Gamepass aka "Project Spartacus in the works"

    YES YES YES AND YES !!! I understand the criticism against Killzone's SP design but god damn I just love the MP of pretty much every KZ game since PS3. There is this certain heft to the controls in KZ's MP that for me feels just absolutely amazing.
  8. venom

    MULTI Cyberpunk 2077 - 18+ million copies sold!

    So I have played quite a bit of CP in the past week and yet haven't really continued on the main line story missions akin to Witcher 3. I'm really enjoying the shooting now that I am a bit used to it. Playing on HARD mode and its so so satisfying to clear a VERY HIGH DANGER mission on that...
  9. venom

    MULTI The Witcher III Wild Hunt - Free Next-Gen update (Ray tracing, faster loading)

    Yar summers mein more or less koi major release nahi thi. Could have been ideal to revisit Witcher 3 during that free time. :(
  10. venom

    MULTI Max Payne 1 & 2 Remakes announced

    I may be in the minority here but I just am not so excited with this announcement. I really really enjoyed the 3rd Max Payne and I would have preferred a sequel instead of these remakes. Having said that, the first 2 games are classics of their time. Maybe once a gameplay video is shown later...
  11. venom

    MULTI Cyberpunk 2077 - 18+ million copies sold!

    Nah man. I'm on PS5 - performance mode. I guess a good open world game is one where it organically distracts you from the your main objective. Games like RDR2, Witcher 3, BOTW, Elden Ring etc are all examples of excellent open worlds that you want to engage with apart from the main line...
  12. venom

    MULTI Cyberpunk 2077 - 18+ million copies sold!

    Alright so I have progressed a bit more into the game. While the game shines indoors, I cant seem to connect with the open world. It just feels very..... plastic... if thats the right word. I mean it looks good, but that's about it. If feels very empty. At least thats my initial impression from...
  13. venom

    MULTI Elden Ring [OT] Sorry Kratos, Our GOTY is in Another Castle

    Sorcery makes the game look so easy lol...
  14. venom

    MULTI Cyberpunk 2077 - 18+ million copies sold!

    Started all over yesterday with the default female lead as a street kid. Since the street kid starts indoors where there are a lot of neon lights, you can't fail to realize how absolutely phenomenal the game looks. I was already a sucker for neon lights, especially after Infamous second son and...
  15. venom

    MULTI Elden Ring [OT] Sorry Kratos, Our GOTY is in Another Castle

    Oh that Malenia fight was soooooooo good. Itni mushkil sey pehli form mari and I honestly wasnt expected her to resurrect in an even deadlier form. TOO GOOD. That fight was hard and i don't think that one can take advantage of sorcery in this fight given how agile she is. Also talking about...
  16. venom

    MULTI Elden Ring [OT] Sorry Kratos, Our GOTY is in Another Castle

    And done... Havent done the malenia quest line so I'll probably get that done that too later tonight. Game was an absolute blast to play. It did feel a tiny bit repetitive but that's only towards the end of the game and I spent 100 hours with it so that definitely is a testament to how good...
  17. venom

    MULTI Elden Ring [OT] Sorry Kratos, Our GOTY is in Another Castle

    Alright so I am close to the 100 hour mark and currently sitting at level 140. Just reached to that point where you encounter Radagon / Elden beast. Havent killed them yet but I am guessing I am pretty much close to the end right ? This is probably the only game that I have played this much in...
  18. venom

    Playstation Returnal Launched ! Resogun creators (Housemarques) PlayStation 5 Exclusive

    Electro Pylon Driver ~ One of the best weapons ever made in gaming.
  19. venom

    NINTENDO Kirby and the Forgotten Land announced - March 25 release (Preorders are live)

    This and also triangle strategy are the 2 games that I really really am looking forward to play.
  20. venom

    MULTI GTA V Next Gen Detailed. Releasing March 15th. RT. 4K. 60 FPS. Improved Draw Distance/Textures

    This is an absolute shit move. After the GTA trilogy fiasco, one might have thought that R* would have been better, but Nooooo. I love the games that R* games but this is Just absolute crap. Pehlay game K paisay dou, phir ps plus /gold k paisay dou aur phir inko 6 dollar monthly subscription K...
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