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  1. Jshak

    Prayers Requested for Pakgamers Founder Bilal Shahab Father

    Pakgamers Founder and my dear friend Bilal Shahab Father passed away last night. Prayers requested
  2. Jshak

    Want To Sell Cronus Zen

    Cronus Zen in stock Price : 21,500/= =AZU9kjr9Iv-OsjROtyQ3ADetYBhSJcQc2xR3or6FsmoBuDgmzV7lwx1tmZkOWxw_E4VTA3ybBQ84CXifR35it2eo1_faqOh_fEhwICci476UpDqFDgufWI3387StGYogzt6zBiZYyK9yOS2LHmZUs9LrcFuhkaeX6tfoAsRvlMlHnZGR5JbDI4xAqFAaRSd9kVI&__tn__=EH-R'] Comment Share
  3. Jshak

    Want To Sell Clearance sale

    Clearance sale - VR Box - 1500 - QVGA head camera good quality result - 7,000/= location karachi, pakistan...
  4. Jshak

    Want To Sell Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8 by Sphero with Force Band

    Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8 by Sphero with Force Band AED 2,000/= Or Pakistani Rupees Equivalence...
  5. Jshak

    Want To Sell Xbox one games in stock and for clearance.

    Xbox one games in stock and for clearance. Call at +92-323-2653947 arsalan karachi range is 2500 - 5,500/= Mostly sealed and new...
  6. Jshak

    Want To Sell Brand new TRA Microsoft Xbox Series S

    Jshak e-Store Price : 72,000/= Contact only at if you want to purchase +92-323-2653947 Karachi Pakistan ( e-online store Gulshan-E-Iqbal) Please call at the time of purchase as there is strict fluctuation in pricing these days. Please avoid...
  7. Jshak


    ALIENWARE 34 CURVED GAMING MONITOR - AW3420DW Brand new imported on order for anyone that seeks. You need to share a 50% advance if u need to buy. Google specs before calling. 34-inch gaming monitor with the full colors brought by IPS Nano Color (98% DCI-P3) technology and a 2ms response time...
  8. Jshak

    Want To Sell EVGA Z15 RGB Gaming Keyboard

    EVGA Z15 RGB Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit LED, Hotswappable Mechanical Kaihl Speed Bronze Switches (Clicky), 822-W1-15US-KR *Prices may fluctuate. Take a quote at the time of purchase Expected Price: 28,000/=* Location: e-Online Karachi, Pakistan ( Gulshan e Iqbal ) Contact : +92-323-2653947 -...
  9. Jshak

    Want To Sell Cronus Zen

    Brand New Sealed Cronus Zen Controller Emulator for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and PC In Stock Price : 19,499/= Contact : +92-323-2653947 Karachi, Pakistan...
  10. Jshak

    Want To Sell Xbox Series S | X Controllers

    Brand new in stock sealed box Xbox Series S | X Controllers in Red and Blue Color Jshak e-Store Karachi, Pakistan...
  11. Jshak

    Want To Sell Ps5 Digital Sealed Box Reg 2 KSA

    Playstation 4 Sony Digital Sealed Boxed Imported Price : 123,000/= =AZX6w_gZrIVYjumoeOhfG6WdyoBfVtTIJ6U-FOzf5C_1hy2cNNSTQ4RaQ_9z0GzUJEpNxdHtBAJ8ZfZpLZhwlfwVqojIS5X660rmoRyGt62hlf-hmpCLAyUi7XugO16gkrK4HPW-1vjwjmCE0KBqjo4fbaLrq0iNOTlDw1lB_fWeXbZK1p73IClzL0rTJFtTIWw&__tn__=EH-R']
  12. Jshak

    Want To Sell XIAOMI Curved Gaming Monitor 34-Inch

    XIAOMI Curved Gaming Monitor 34-Inch 3440 * 1440 WQHD 21:9 Bring Fish Screen 144Hz High Refresh Rate 121% sRGB 1500R Curvature #imported On order as well ( prices may fluctuate ) - If restocking ( 50 percent advance may be required to secure the transaction ) 87,000/= +92-323-2653947 Karachi...
  13. Jshak

    Want To Sell Original puma stuff

    Jshak e-Store =AZXDy-vYTgNx3ZFodQEAXf9WKYJZMZs7abCQmbaQFLN2XmlEs_U-nnlnxahmM7ViFXQdIoCxRhsnYIwpht2naycxT2XLClGA5p9oRGU7TeqfNC--v8Qi9oSKqJQnZkmN-_q5gOzD3i-GtaV9nEEAopzhmY1-b1MqjDmaZx3xaFVJ358Pfm4xF7q-T1XvCqIqt70&__tn__=*NK*F']#dubaiimports2021 Original puma stuff - Duffle bag black 6,999/= -...
  14. Jshak

    Want To Sell Oculus Quest 2 Advanced

    Oculus Quest 2 Advanced 64 GB All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset in stock 92,000/= +92-323-2653947 Karachi, Pakistan
  15. Jshak

    Samsung Odyssey G9 49 Inch, QLED DualQHD 329 Curved Gaming Monitor

    Samsung Odyssey G9, 49 Inch, QLED DualQHD 329 Curved Gaming Monitor LC49G95TSSMXUE2 Imported for a customer. Have not received the unboxing fully images, the ones I had, they are being shared One of a killer beast I must say Customer Review " I ordered the odyssey g9 and I got it within 2...
  16. Jshak

    Share your Traveling Pictures

    Ice City China -50° super chilly and felt like walking in some fantasy zone like from World of Warcraft or something
  17. Jshak

    Want To Sell Mix Stuff

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