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  1. Faddi

    MULTI Dead Space remake teaser - PC/Series/PS5

    If they remake DS1 just like RE series or Mafia Remake I wouldn't want anything else. Its still one of my favorite Sci-Fi Horror games out there.
  2. Faddi

    Want To Buy Alternatives to Oneplus 8 pro

    I would say the battery is good, nothing spectacular but its not a huge problem as DASH charging helps to mitigate the problem. You can easily charge it upto approx 60% in 30 mins or So. I use it at 1440p 120Hz but I keep it on Power Saving mode as I think in Normal mode the battery drains a...
  3. Faddi

    Want To Buy Alternatives to Oneplus 8 pro

    My personal experience. Stay away from Samsung. I dont know but they never feel like a premium cellphone to me and I hate their UI. Once I used Oxygen OS, every other version feels slow and bloated to me. I have seen people complaining about S21 Ultra that it doesnt feel as flagship as Samsung...
  4. Faddi

    Want To Buy Alternatives to Oneplus 8 pro

    Being a OnePlus 8 Pro user myself i would say wait till the next itteration of cellphones arrive as I dont think its a considerable upgrade to move from SD865 to 888 since there is hardly any technological leap in phone models launching every 6 months approx You should upgrade by atleast...
  5. Faddi

    Playstation Sony PlayStation 5 : The Next Gen Begins

    I was really pushing myself to buy PS5 on launch day but than i realised that there is not a single first party launch title exclusively made from the ground up for PS5. So no point in actually owning it by keeping it on the shelf catching dust. I guess i have to wait atleast an year or two for...
  6. Faddi

    Playstation PS2 Emulation Gets Even Nicer With Custom Textures

    A really decent attempt reviving almost 2 decade year old games and letting people enjoy them today. But I think they need to work on improving the original textures of the game rather than baking in new ones as it takes away the actual art style and feel of the game. I mean working on the...
  7. Faddi

    MULTI Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 delayed indefinitely

    I really forgot about Dying Light 2 even though I am a huge fan of the First one. Its literally so off the radar that I doubt it may ever get released as the hype has all dumbed down.
  8. Faddi

    PTA registration problem. Help Required

    Bro this new Tax system is pathetic AF. We, the end user is suffering from it. First of all, Charging stupendous amount of tax on a cellphone is a crime. I paid less tax for 1000CC Car with lifetime token than what I am paying for my cellphone. There is no facilitation at all. They cant even...
  9. Faddi

    PTA registration problem. Help Required

    AOA I recently purchased a phone 'One plus 8 Pro' for myself and wanted to get it registered with PTA. The problem is that I requested for a PSID code which is required for payment. I received it once and it got expired because I didn't know that it had 1 week validity. Now when I applied for a...
  10. Faddi

    Call Phone in 170k budget?

    free screen protector and back transparent cover
  11. Faddi

    Call Phone in 170k budget?

    What kind of defect? I have used it for over a month now. So far no issue. Works like a champ. I tried to use my previous One Plus 3T after switching to this. It felt so slow and laggy. I guess I can never go back to 60Hz ever again. 120Hz is extremely responsive.
  12. Faddi

    Call Phone in 170k budget?

    Bought One Plus 8 pro 12GB 256GB for around 160k. Solid phone overall. You will never be disappointed with a one plus phone.
  13. Faddi

    1750rs including shipping

    1750rs including shipping
  14. Faddi

    You can contact me on my cellnumber. I can sell it for 1500+shipping.

    You can contact me on my cellnumber. I can sell it for 1500+shipping.
  15. Faddi

    MULTI The original Crysis is getting remastered

    I think they got the hint with the backlash they received after the leaked trailer. Tbh it looked garbage. Nothing remastered in there. Just a silly mod over the original Crysis. Fans would love to see the latest iteration of CryEngine tech demo which they showcased a few months back. They even...
  16. Faddi

    The Last of Us 2 PS4, Region 2, 10/10, Used, Mint Condition

    Huge price drop. Selling it cheap now!!!!
  17. Faddi

    Playstation The Last of Us Part II [OT] Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

    Dude you just summed it up nicely. Its not a bad game by any means. Just because of the event early game people started bashing it without even playing it lol.
  18. Faddi

    Playstation The Last of Us Part II [OT] Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

    This soundtrack gets me every single time. Tickles a few cords inside. Its so depressing in a good way!..... :frown::frown:
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