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  1. AvengerQQ

    Want To Sell Samsung Note 5 Verizon edition

    Bump... bring to the top.
  2. AvengerQQ

    Want To Buy Astrophotography Equipment

  3. AvengerQQ

    Need Help with 660ti

  4. AvengerQQ

    Want To Sell LG V10 H-901 - 64GB - White Gold - 9/10

    Update : price reduced to 25k. Very very slightly negotiable.
  5. AvengerQQ

    Are you affected by PTCL routing change to SEA server ? CS:GO

    Yes, same here. Where do we go and complain? :S
  6. AvengerQQ

    [SOLVED] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- A Sequel Without Drama!! || [All is well!]

    Guys, did PTCL change the routing again? Getting 300+ ping on SEA server (valve). Anyone?
  7. AvengerQQ

    Want To Buy Note 4

  8. AvengerQQ

    SOLD HTC One M9 - Cheap

  9. AvengerQQ

    [SOLVED] HTC One M9 Question

    tbh i'm shocked. Considering the devices available these days, thought it won't go for 15 even. FeelsGoodMan
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