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  1. AbbY

    Featured Tapatalk is no longer supported!

    As we leap into the new dawn of PakGamers, the Rebirth of PakGamers, we have to unfortunately announce that we will no longer be offering Tapatalk support for our community; you guys! While we understand that many of our users prefer using the forums on Tapatalk, unfortunately the cons...
  2. AbbY

    Want To Buy Tablet

  3. AbbY

    [NBA] Laptop

  4. AbbY

    Laptop Replacement Screen

  5. AbbY

    MOTM - December 2016!

  6. AbbY

    Moderator Openings [Market Place]

  7. AbbY

    Want To Buy 2x4GB DDR3 RAM

  8. AbbY

    [PakGamers Update 6.0] New Beginnings!

  9. AbbY

    Want To Buy LGA 1155 Motherboard.

  10. AbbY

    [NBA] NEW Phone (Budget: 20k)

  11. AbbY

    UAE Visa Application.

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