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    Want To Sell PTA Approved S20 FE at a low price

    Need to sell urgently and am selling it at a really competitive price. The phone is still under warranty. Price: 75k Location: Peshawar Contact: whatsapp 03142900055 or PM
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    Blue Samsung S20 FE. PTA approved

    Hello, I would like to trade my blue Samsung S20 Fe that's been used less than 4 months. Here are the phones I can trade this for: Oneplus 8, Poco F2 pro. If you have another phone similarly priced to the S20 Fe, then I can consider that as well, but for now I'm interested in these 2 trades...
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    Cooler Master Scout 2 case Black

    Hello, I want to sell my CM Scout 2 case that I've been using for more than 6 years. That's why I'm selling it for cheap. Selling SOLD! with 4 white LED 120mm fans as well. Shipping will be added depending on your location. Location: Peshawar Contact: PM further communication through whatsapp
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    Anyone know when ITX cases are gonna come to Pakistan?

    I'm really interested in building an ITX pc. I have a lot of the parts, but I couldn't find cases like the Cooler Master NR200 on Pakistani sites. So it brings me to the question, do you guys know when ITX cases and SFF power supplies will arrive in Pakistan?
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    Is Airkart a legitimate website?

    I've done some research on it and it's been formed in 2020. I checked it's facebook page and it has a few thousand likes. I'm considering them because they have some phone I want for a really good price. about 10k cheaper than other sites. Now I just want to know if anyone has ordered anything...
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    High-end gaming RTX 2080 and R5 3600 system.

    AOA. As I will be attending University I will no longer be able to use my system, therefore I have decided to sell it. The PC is less than a year old and all the parts are also less than a year used. SPECS: Ryzen 5 3600 Processor B450 Tomahawk Motherboard 16GB GSkill Ripjaws V 3200MHz ram Zotac...
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    Want To Buy External hard drive atleast 2TB capacity from good company. (Toshiba, Samsung, Transcend, WD, Seagate)

    Looking for either a new or used external hard drive with atleast 2TB storage. The less used the better. PM offers
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    Want To Buy Need an 8th Gen 14-15 inch light laptop. Examples like the acer aspire 5, Dell Inspiron and Asus Vivobook etc.

    Budget is around 80-90k. Must have atleast 256GB storage and 8gb ram. No i3 intel processor. Atleast i5. Those are the basic criteria I'm open to any offers that meet these. I'm looking for good laptops released in 2018 because they will have decreased in price and will be cheaper than the newer...
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    Where to buy APC UPSs NEW?

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    Anyone own shadow warrior 2?

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    SOLD Selling Logitech G810

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    Want To Sell [WTS] my pc

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