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  1. Leon

    PORTABLE Valve announces Steam Deck handheld for PC games

    Combine that with AMD FSR and you will get double the performance on higher resolutions even. Who knows AMD might optimize FSR more for Steam Deck specifically. and for the nintendo fans here:
  2. Leon

    PORTABLE Valve announces Steam Deck handheld for PC games

    @Necrokiller If the Steam Deck doesn't run your entire library at launch Valve sees that as 'a bug' Now that's some commitment.
  3. Leon

    PORTABLE Valve announces Steam Deck handheld for PC games

    Now I just need a really good portable monitor in my backpack and I have a full fledge powerful gaming pc to be used anywhere for cheap.
  4. Leon

    Want To Sell Poco X3 NFC

    Location is mandatory
  5. Leon

    Want To Sell Best budget gaming PC with rx 580

    If the gpu is sold kindly cross it with red line and mention overall demand for us readers :)
  6. Leon

    iPad 8th Gen 32GB - Wifi - Sealed

    Mention of location is mandatory..
  7. Leon

    Want To Sell 8TH GEN PC FOR SALE

    Location is mandatory.
  8. Leon

    MULTI [OT] Red Dead Redemption II | Wild West 1899

    Can't wait for Lumbago in RTX.
  9. Leon

    Want To Sell I7 3rd Gen gaming system

    Please mention location and contact.
  10. Leon

    Want To Sell AMD RX 6800 FE

    You have written "Processor" instead of "Price" in your demand section. Please fix.
  11. Leon

    Want To Sell Axon 7 (read thread)

    Kindly mention contact.
  12. Leon

    Gtx 1080 EVGA FTW ACX 3.0

    Kindly mention location in your post.
  13. Leon

    Want To Sell Intel core i5 processors, motherboard and ddr3 gaming ram for sale

    Location, contact and pictures are mandatory.
  14. Leon

    Elephone A6mini brand new for sale

    @sanford2 Image is not appearing please fix.
  15. Leon

    Want To Sell Z5 Compact for sale

    @sanford2 Kindly fix your images they are not appearing.
  16. Leon

    I5 10400F | SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 560 4G | GIGABYTE H410M-H

    Please mention location on your posts its a rule otherwise your thread will be locked.
  17. Leon

    Want To Sell Infinix note 7 lite

    Mention of location is mandatory..
  18. Leon

    Want To Sell Far Cry 5 (PS4)

    Kindly mention contact number its part of the rules.
  19. Leon


    Kindly mention location.
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