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    Want To Buy Alternatives to Oneplus 8 pro

    Oh that's new tho. Anyway, I agree that Oneplus 8 has a long lasting battery and it doesn't heat much. Also, better speaker and way superior under-display fingerprint reader.
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    Washing machine recommend

    I suggest having a separate washer and spinner/dryer. it is better.
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    A Good Perfume Suggestion

    I recommend Coach, Elizabeth Arden, the classic Calvin Klein.
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    [OT] What are you listening to

    I am missing listening to songs of Arijit Singh - he is a good indian singer :love::cool:
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    Had to change motherboard on phone, do I have to PTA approve again??

    In case like this, better buy a new one rather than fixing it since it will just add up on your stress.
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    Compact Android Phone

    Is the camera the only feature that concerns you? How about the duration of the battery?
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    Want To Buy Alternatives to Oneplus 8 pro

    How long have you been using your phone? Because if its too long, there's a high chance that the performance of the phone be degraded no matter how careful you are.
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    I want web development service. Can anyone suggest me the best agency or website?

    Hi there! I haven't tried that yet though you can read the reviews so you would have an idea if its services are okay.
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    Attention StormFiber users

    Mine is actually working fine. No lag problem. Sometimes, cases like that where you can't open the file contains virus. So be cautious.
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    Looking for a good executive chair in 20k range. Is this site trustable?

    There are lots of ergonomic and comfortable mesh office chairs being sold online. You may want to check the site of daraz and olx.
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    Best way to invest salary?

    I hear a lot about Ethereum and there are predictions that the price will be higher than bitcoin. But, I'm still studying it so I still don't know the pros and cons of that crypto. Its nice to have a thread about this, financial knowledge.
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    FAKE NEWS: COVID Special

    Yes, I definitely agree. Staying safe and boosting one's immune system is a great step in protection against this C-virus.
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    American Certified Fitness Instructor and having trouble to find a job. can anyone help me ?

    Tiktok influencers also earn a lot. So probably consider this too.
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    Best way to invest salary?

    Is investing in crypto better than forex? I am thinking about it and your responses will be of help.
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    Anyone know when ITX cases are gonna come to Pakistan?

    Actually. got no idea. But, have you considered looking in Amazon? They offer a wide range of products.
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    Mobile Online Accessories

    Is this available worldwide? How do you handle shipping outside the country?
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    Playstation Sony PlayStation 5 : The Next Gen Begins

    Whether they paid or not, they still incur delay in releasing Monster Hunter World. Do you guys think the game is still worth it?
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    [OT] Official Anime Recommendation/Watching Currently Thread!

    So what are you currently watching now? Just finished watching DOTA and waiting for season 2.
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    American Certified Fitness Instructor and having trouble to find a job. can anyone help me ?

    Indeed, this is right. This works perfectly fine to most. Being a positive thinker comes great opportunities.
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    Difficulty in choosing Headset

    actually all behind this gaming headset is to for me to relieve my depression. I have battled it for a year now and it is quite tough. One way to ease this mental condition of mine is to play games. My family offered that I should see a counselor. I wanted to but still hesitant. Do you have...
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