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    Want To Sell Deepcool intel 115x cheap cooler

    Aoa as in title cooler is available it is in good condition. Can fit 115x socket. Price : 800rs Pics: Contact: 03165765464 (whatsapp) Location: Amplified gaming store shop lg 85 midway centereum Rawalpindi.
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    Want To Sell Thermaltake ring 12 silent pro 10 heatpipe cooler

    Aoa as in title the cooler has 10 heatpipes Has 115x support condition is very good. Price: 5200rs Contact = 03165765464 (WhatsApp only) location= islamabad pics =
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    Want To Buy 600w+ psu required urgent

    Cooler master 620w 80 plus white semi modular available 6500rs Whatsapp 03165765464
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    Want To Buy Power Supply 500-600W - Karachi

    Okay brother i understand.
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    Want To Buy Power Supply 500-600W - Karachi

    I have some available you can check out my thread for psus
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    External Drive with PS4 Games.

    Aoa contact on whatsapp kindly which games you need? My friend got some 03165765464
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    Want To Buy Dead ps4 controllers or parts

    Aoa as in pics bellow need frames for my controllers and r1 and l1 plastic shells as mine are demaged the l1 r1 plastic shells wont stay intact Need them in cheap not willing to pay a lot so if your controllers are dead and you need to get rid of them contact me. One man's trash is another...
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    iampasha iampasha: pasha apka driveatar ap se zyada tameezdar hai :p sahi keh rahe Hain janaab AP, I agree with you...