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    Want To Sell Deepcool intel 115x cheap cooler

    Aoa as in title cooler is available it is in good condition. Can fit 115x socket. Price : 800rs Pics: Contact: 03165765464 (whatsapp) Location: Amplified gaming store shop lg 85 midway centereum Rawalpindi.
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    Want To Sell Thermaltake ring 12 silent pro 10 heatpipe cooler

    Aoa as in title the cooler has 10 heatpipes Has 115x support condition is very good. Price: 5200rs Contact = 03165765464 (WhatsApp only) location= islamabad pics =
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    Want To Buy Dead ps4 controllers or parts

    Aoa as in pics bellow need frames for my controllers and r1 and l1 plastic shells as mine are demaged the l1 r1 plastic shells wont stay intact Need them in cheap not willing to pay a lot so if your controllers are dead and you need to get rid of them contact me. One man's trash is another...
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    Corsair obsidian 900d ultra tower case

    Aoa as in the title the case is available with complete box and all accessories. The power button swapped with reset button as power button was faulty means taken reset button placed it in power button place Back 1x 140mm fan and 2x red led fans included. Price : 19000rs Contact on whatsapp...
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    Want To Sell Core i5 4590 8gb ram 500w psu micro atx case

    Aoa as in title following components available in the build 1) i5 4590 2) msi h81m 3) 4gbx2 ddr3 kimgston 1600mhz rams 4) antec earthwatts 500w psu 2x pcie 6pins 5) micro atx case compact with red fan Price = 27500rs Pics =...
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    Want To Buy Dell u2417h monitor panel required

    Aoa the monitor panel is broken if anyone can repair or provide with panel do let me know Location rwp/islamabad Whatsapp 03165765464 Pics :
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    Want To Buy Sapphire rx570/580 fans required

    As in title sapphire gpu fans required My whatsapp 03165765464
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    Want To Buy RX 580/gtx 970/980 4gb gpu

    Aoa required the above mentioned gpus or a gpu that can handle 1080p cod warzone easily WhatsApp 03165765464
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    Want To Buy Ryzen mini itx board sff

    Aoa as in title contact on WhatsApp kindly 03165765464
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    Want To Sell 3rd gen 4th gen 6th gen mobos available

    Aoa here is the list of products available. Prices increased due to stock shortage and new stock price inflation. Packages : 1) Asus b85m e with core i5 4570 = 18000 2) Asus b85m e (pins were tempered everything works fine) with core i5 4430 = 14000 Only motherboards : 1) Asus p8h61-l = 4500...
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    Want To Sell Power supplies available from 400w - 850w

    Aoa as in title available psus are: EID offer 300rs off on all psus up to 550w and 500rs for above. Sealed PSUs ordered wattage wise: 1) bequite 350w 80+ = 2800rs 2) bequite purepower 80+ gold 400w = sold 3) Thermaltake munich 430w 80+ bronze = 3000rs 4) corsair cx450w = sold 5) enermax liberty...
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    Want To Sell Ipad air 2 64gb pta not approved only wifi

    Aoa as in the title the tab is in perfect shape front protector on. apple air case with case open close detection on the back from the date of purchase. sellin because used to android and dont like ios exchange possible with good android tab also need for gaming and youtube only. the tab is...
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    Want To Sell Pc components and accessories (rams,coolers,kb)

    Aoa here is the list of products available. 0) corsair h100i 240mm cooler only intel bracket available = 6500rs 1) 60% non mechanical argb keyboard (3000rs) 2) zidli zm6-1 argb mouse (1500rs) 3) coolit eco2 240mm Aio with 2x fans (5000rs) 4) logitech g402 hyperion fury new (4500) 7) razer...
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    Want To Buy Rx 5500xt required

    Aoa as in title required rx5500 xt WhatsApp 03165765464
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    Want To Buy Amd Gpu required

    I require Rx 580 or rx5700/5700xt in 8gb kindly contact if you have any available 03165765464 my whatsapp
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    Want To Sell Ryzen 5 2600 intel core i5 6th 4th gen pcs

    Aoa the following pcs are available 0) Ryzen 2600 + gigabyte b450 mobo with box and warranty + aigo lair cooler + 16gb Corsair led 3000mhz rams cl15 + cooler master 750w + 500gb hard drive + coolermaster elite case side panel replaced with arcrylic sheet for looks 😎 + 4x dual ring led fans =...
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    Want To Buy 8 or 10 inch tab

    i need a 8 inch or 10 inch tab in 3gb or 4gb ram with good processor
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    Want To Sell Xeon v2 1225 3rd gen pc

    Aoa following Budget Gaming System Available for sell Package Includes: # xeon 1225 v2 (i5 3470 Equal) plus Asus p8h61 (8000ra) # Corsair Graphite 230T Gaming Case with 2 led fans on front simple fan on back 6800pkr # 8Gb Ram 4x2 sold # EVGA 500W 80+ PSU. sold # Intel SSD Pro 180Gb...
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    Want To Buy Amd ryzen motherboard required

    Aoa ryzen mobo required for 1500x. Contact on whatsapp 03340518175
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    Want To Sell Sega gamegear+ along with 2 games

    Aoa selling sega game gear+ complete box aling with 2 games sonic hedgehog and golf. The device is recapped for better result on screen. The adapter and power works. Sound doesnt work. Condition is verygood. Price: 15000rs demand as reference pricing is only available online. Pics...
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