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  1. CerebralTiger

    XBOX Microsoft drops the 30% revenue fee on PC games to just 12% Epic is already charging 12% on EGS. Competition yikes!! 😄
  2. CerebralTiger

    Playstation PlayStation & Firewalk Studios (ex Bungie devs) announce publishing partnership for new multiplayer IP No ownersheep, only partnersheep 🤣
  3. CerebralTiger

    Playstation Days Gone dev: Metascore is everything to Sony

    Good. Not much of an IP left to boycott, then 😄 P.S. Why is David Jaffe being given so much attention lol.
  4. CerebralTiger

    SOLD PS5 DualSense Controller and Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition

    DualSense Controller (brand new): SOLD Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition (brand new, region 2*): SOLD Buy together: Rs.17K *Note: the included code for Spider-Man Remastered is only redeemable on a region 2 PSN account. Shipping on buyer's risk and expense (not available for local...
  5. CerebralTiger

    MULTI [PC] [Rumor] Valve is trying to get Xbox Game Pass on Steam

    The same individual previously leaked Half-Life Alyx news. This will probably work like EA Play on Steam and will only include first party Xbox games.
  6. CerebralTiger

    MULTI NecroMunda: Hired Gun announced for PlayStation/Xbox/PC
  7. CerebralTiger

    Playstation New PlayStation IP in development by Haven, a Montreal-based studio led by Jade Raymond
  8. CerebralTiger

    MULTI NPD February 2021: Mario 3D World #1, Black Ops CW #2, Persona 5S #3

    Glad to see Persona 5 Strikers doing well. 🤣
  9. CerebralTiger

    MULTI Guilty Gear Strive Delayed to June 11 2021

    LMAOOOO @ that tweet 🤣👌
  10. CerebralTiger

    MULTI Epic Games acquires Tonic Games Group, including Fall Guys developer Mediatonic

    Happy for Mediatonic. They should get a bigger budget for their future projects.
  11. CerebralTiger

    MULTI GQ: Days Gone coming to PC May 18th
  12. CerebralTiger

    Playstation PS Blog: Introducing the next generation of VR on PlayStation
  13. CerebralTiger

    MULTI Ultimate Controller Comparison | Input lag + more (incl. DualSense, Series X controller)!15335&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!ACpxr1WBk51xW78
  14. CerebralTiger

    MULTI Ori director criticizes CDPR, Molyneux, Hello Games for overhyping games with "lies and deception"

    Regarding Molyneux: Regarding Hello Games: Regarding CDPR: No lies detected. All 3 studios overhyped the hell out of their game(s), misleading consumers in process.
  15. CerebralTiger

    MULTI NPD December 2020: CoD #1, Cyberpunk #2, AC Valhalla #3

    via Reset Era US NPD SW - December 2020 Top 20 Sellers Yearly Charts Software
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