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  1. hotgamerft

    MULTI Xbox Game Pass for PC (Yearly Subscription?)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to buy the xbox game pass for PC. When I try to buy it from the app on the PC it only shows me one option i.e. a one-month subscription. Is there any way I can buy an yearly subscription so that I don't have to renew every month?
  2. hotgamerft

    Aigo Water Square 5 (Computer Case)

    I have an Aigo Water Square 5. Kindly go through the following details before making any decision: Dimensions: 360mm (Length) x 170mm (Width) x 320mm (Height) (420mm with the PSU shroud) [Measured these myself so the readings can be a millimeter or two off] You might be able to fit a 140mm...
  3. hotgamerft

    Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB (CPU Cooler)

    As the title says I have a Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB (CPU Cooler) for sale which I have used for about 3 months. Bought it for 4600 from shingpoint (original receipt available). It was used on a Ryzen 5 3600. The package contains everything that comes in the box apart from the thermal paste...
  4. hotgamerft

    Origin Store Payment Options in Pakistan

    Hello Everyone, As the title suggest what are my options if I want to buy from the EA Origin Store? Is there any way I can pay using an Easy Paisa account (I remember a thread here which explained the process but I can't seem to find it)? I have a Bank Alfalah Debit card but I don't think that...
  5. hotgamerft

    Can't login on the website

  6. hotgamerft

    Is relaible?

  7. hotgamerft

    OnePlus 3/3t screen protection

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