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  1. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Bluetooth mini card

    Need a Bluetooth mini card for laptop like this.............
  2. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell SonyVio Duo 13 Ultrabook

    SonyVio Duo 13 Ultrabook in 9/10 condition is up for sale. Laptop is absolute beauty in its kind having 1080p Resolution with backlit keyboard, Core i5 4th gen 4/128GB builtin with USB 3.0 and UFS storage (+128GB Samsung Card) Price : 35K or exchange with some better laptop call for more pics or...
  3. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Wireless Earbuds

    Need to buy Bluetooth Earbuds in 2-6K for music listening only. Earbuds with good sound quality & playtime is intended regardless of games/latency etc as basic purpose is music listening. 0333 6623775
  4. Raging BulL

    Best Wireless Earbuds in 2-5K for music only

    Hi. Need expert suggestions to buy Best Wireless Earbuds in 2-5K for music listening only. Earbuds with good sound quality is intended regardless of games/latency etc as basic purpose is music listening.
  5. Raging BulL

    Scratch Build/Mod

    Aoa, Sharing a brief view of my recent Scratch Build/Mod inspired by Antec Torque. I was looking to buy a new Antec Torque chassis because of its unique & aggressive design but couldn't find any in Pakistan. Upon inquiry from UK, i came to know that only case will cost around 350 USD (55-60k)...
  6. Raging BulL

    PC Wireless Headphones (non Bluetooth)

    Need wireless headphone with receiver/dongle (non Bluetooth) for LCD/Tv use. Visited market but all options were Bluetooth based so no use.. Any new or used model will do the job. Budget max 5k Recommendation plz...
  7. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Wireless Headphones

    Looking for wireless headphones (not Bluetooth) in 4-5k range. 0333 6623775
  8. Raging BulL

    (Dell m4600) Laptop doesn't boot properly

    Last night i swapped Dell m4600 laptop HDD with SSD & started fresh Windows install (that i have done many times on similar laptop. All steps went well until Windows installation reached 100% & it restarted. After restarting, it start giving error "No operating system found" and sometimes simply...
  9. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy 1TB Laptop HDD

    Need to buy 1TB or more Laptop HDD. 0333 6623775
  10. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Wireless 6 Button mouse and Keyboard

    Need Wireless 6 Button mouse and Keyboard under 5K .,., 0333 6623775..
  11. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell Gigabytes 980ti G1 & other stuff

    Selling very very sparingly used Gigabytes 980ti G1 with box etc. Card was used 2-3 hours on fortnightly or even after months whenever is visited home . Stress test for 15 minutes gave 71C max and 54 average temp. Never overclocked or did panga with its bios etc, as its running as it came. Can...
  12. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy GTX 1080Ti Required

    Aoa, Looking to buy GTX 1080Ti in good condition and some (3-5 days) check warranty from some reliable PG member.. 0333 6623775
  13. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell Galaxy Note 8 (SM 950) 64Gb variant

    Selling Galaxy Note 8 dual sim (SM-950) 64gb in good condition. Phone is in good condition and battery is fairly and last on data usage upto 12hr.. No pink shade or black dot in screen but a slight dust in camera. There are few air bubbles on side of screen at curve areas which are only visible...
  14. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell ThermalTake Spedo Advanced Packed Gaming case

    Aoa, Selling ThermalTake Spedo Advanced Package Gaming case in 9/10 conditions. Fans n Side panel is modded. Full tower casing that can accommodate upto 6 HDDs, 4 GPU and any ATX gaming Mobo. Currently BLue LED fans installed but original Non LED TT fans & Aigo Dark Flash kit can also be...
  15. Raging BulL

    Want To Sell Selling ThermalTake Spin QX Heat Sink \ CPU Cooler

    Hi, Selling ThermalTake Spin QX Heat Sink \ CPU Cooler with speed controller in pristine conditions. Compatible to LGA 1136, 1156.1155 etc Sockets... Currently was running on i7 4790. Demand = 2.5K 0333 6623775 (Okara Cantt)
  16. Raging BulL

    NBA- Phone recommendation in 30-40K

    im looking to buy a good camera phone in 30-40k range.Visited market & shopkeeper recommended PocoX3 but it was too large so i need further exploration and recommendations from other users. Used or new models will do the job but size must not be too large ( 5.5-5.8) with fairly good battery...
  17. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Looking for cheap PC casing

    Looking for cheap PC casing required, dsnt matter if USB ports or jack working or faulty.. 0333 6623775
  18. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy OnePlus 3T or 5T

    Interested in buying OnePlus 3T or 5T phones.. 0333 6623775
  19. Raging BulL

    WTT : 4th Gen Gaming PC

    Selling complete 4th Gen Gaming PC that i build for my little cousin during COVID-19 vacations. His Uni is ON so decided to sell it.. Pro : i5 4670 + Asus H81M-K + 8GB ( 4+4 ) KVR = 22K PSU : CM 650 Modular = 5K GPU : XFX Radeon RX 580 ( 8GB ) = 28.5 K New DeepCool CPU Cooler = 1.5K HDD = 1TB...
  20. Raging BulL

    Want To Buy Android Phone 20-30K

    Looking for an android phone for friend in 20~30K budget Preferably Samsung or Huawei brand.. 0321 6070094
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