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  1. ammaralidj

    Want To Buy Looking for USED or NEW Mid Level Bluetooth Headphone

    As Salam o Alikum Guys Looking for a used or New Mid level bluetooth headphone with good sound quality, battery life Contact 03 0000 24722
  2. ammaralidj

    Looking for Redmi 9 or Realme 5/5i

    As Salam o Alikum Guys I am looking for Redmi 9 or Realme 5/5i Contact 03 0000 24722
  3. ammaralidj

    Looking for Redmi Note 5 / 6 in perfect working condition

    As Salam o Alikum Looking for Redmi Note 5 or Note 6 Contact 03000024722
  4. ammaralidj

    Looking for Nokia 6/6.1, Realme 5/5i or similar

    As Salam o Alikum As mentioned in title. Condition should be good and price should be reasonable Contact 03 000024722
  5. ammaralidj

    Want To Buy Dual Sim Smartphone on 2/3 Installments

    As Salam o Alikum Guys I am looking for a Dual Sim Smartphone for a person in dire need, on two or three installments Maximum Budget is 15000 to 18000 He had a mobile but he lost it during an accident. He will use this mobile for FOODPANDA deliveries Payment of installments before 10th of...
  6. ammaralidj

    Want To Sell Xiaomi MI 9T (6/128GB) Flame Red Full Box

    Sorry. And don't spoil my thread. Contact on my cell number if you agree with the mentioned price.
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