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  • Ok let me tell you some stuff now;
    1) The people who liked your comment, liked it at the time when I kept an unrealistic demand of 50k (on which I was sorry myself and changed asap after being familiar of the current market) so well I don't think anyone will still like that same comment there any further after my first edit, because I know I am being reasonable here now, as I kept that one after thinking through.

    2) Yes, the same laptop with same specs of mine, I asked calling on Czone the very day I edited my post from 50k, so to make sure this time I put up the best demand now being familiar with market, and they told me PKR 47,500 for new.

    3) I am sure you don't have any idea about this if you are talking about Core price differences, the difference between laptop cores from i3-i5 is from always just a 4-5k difference ONLY, not a 10-15k price difference like of i7 processors, when I was going buying this Dell i3 for 59k, I could buy i5 for only 63k if I wanted to.
    Hope it helps.
    The thing you were saying about Czone, I rather see that Galaxy and Czone are selling the Core i3 Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 for 45k (new) and giving no genuine windows, 320GB HDD instead of 500GB, and no 1GB dedicated graphics card in that price range, I see you were just commenting blind folded or something ? No offense but you seriously need to make everything 100% sure next time before saying or getting in middle being a hero to save the day.
    Well if Czone had the same laptop included with Dedicated Graphics which mine one has, increased HDD, and Genuine Windows along. My laptop is in very good condition and yes 1 year used, and to be honest, that's the only reason I am cutting the price for right ?, if CZone/Galaxy was offering the Inspiron included with Genuine Windows, 500GB HDD, and Dedicated Graphics than the price would not be less than 48k to even 50k for new. Trust me, as the ones without exact same spec's like mine one has, are for 43-45k
    I don't see anything edited mate??, and yes I have got that offer, but well you just don't know the mint condition of my laptop, I am just trying my luck for the price I want least, also trying with friends.. it is 100% of the real value, anyways, you are really crapping it for no reason... you should edit your post and post something in one line rather spam as I have already fixed the price
    P.S. your Inbox is full no one can PM you, you need to fix that..
    Now you're talking like a gentlemen ... Good... Thread opened... Post pictures with your nickname written on a piece of PAPER.
    Thank you
    Lolzz... Dude... You are going against your own words here... First of if that system was SOLD... the PSU would've been sold also.... And if this new PSU is some other than what you had on the previous thread then there should be NEW pictures... Anyways, post new pictures... :p
    Stop acting like a smart ass man.... I've already given you the link to your thread where you have your PSU with OTHER items for sale.. Even the picture is same.
    Thank you
    bhai i m completely out of the market at this time and just came back after a month on pg do you still need help ?
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