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  • its very easy bro..
    just take an old phone.
    and then go in contacts..
    and the u will see an option of my own phone number...
    and simply write ur number with 92.....and u are done....
    A bogged down version of Galaxy S2 i.e. i9100.

    - Chiset is NOT Exynos. Instead, its using TiOMAP 4430 (very similar to the one used in Galaxy Nexus), hence GPU is SGX540 (instead of Mali MP400 in SGS2 i9100)
    - Development Support will be a huge draw back for "G" model.
    - Resale Value is an expected issue.

    There are a couple of other problems. Ask GrunT, as he had owned a i9100G (accidently) ... If i am not mistaken.
    okay okay.. i know... i think you were away.... just tell me about the hdj2000 headphones... are they good?? what sound card are you using?? i am using titanium hd right now... i am gonna go with essence stx pretty soon...
    Pioneer-HDJ-2000 ... you have them right?? or used them before?? how are they?? any good?? the hdj 1000 is pretty fragile so what about these?? and are they bass heavy?? also tell me you use an amp with them or just a soundcard??
    what's good about them? well it's subjective question. cos human not all the same. same goes on their interest. every individual is unique.
    Is there a need to implore u for the trade score ...
    Bhai u are visiting PG regularly .... abhi tuk mairay trade score update nahi kera .... kuch bura lagaya to boldo bhai ..
    for 2.5k i bought a external hdd of 200 gb and the esata case is externally powered(more hassle)
    thanks btw
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