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  • Yeah, it will.

    Oh, forgot to mention. The new Account you make has to be Region 1. You can find fake addresses to type into PSN from google.

    Also, if this is about you REQUIRING the DLC ( for example, the free one which was released; The map ' Terminal ' ), you should know that you don't NEED it. You can disable the DLC matchmaking which will allow you to play without having the map ( obviously, you won't be able to play the map ), when you enter ' play online ' in ModernWarfare 3, press the ' select ' button which will disable the DLC matchmaking ( allowing you to play without requiring the terminal map. )
    I noticed you said that your account is region 2, so you won't be able to download the dlc for your MW3 ( REG 1 ) copy.

    I would just like to tell you that a simple way to download the dlc for your copy is to create another USER and then another Account on your Playstation 3, hardly takes 15 minutes.
    hello my dear
    I am SINDA by name good day. i just went to your profile this time true this site (Things people do for a fiver. What can you do for £5? - fivesquids) and i got your detail and your explanation in fact the way you explain your self shows me that you are innocent and maturity and also understand person i decided to have a contact with you so that we can explain to our self each other because God great everyone to make a friend with each other and from that we know that we are from thism planet God great for us ok my dear please try and reach me through my email address ([email protected]) so that i can send you my picture true your reply we can know each other ok have a nice day and God bless you yours SINDA
    A lens problem !!! wow ... but why?? scratched cds or dust ?? you should cover it when not playing so dust doesnt get in.
    yup i did... and then i gave up gaming ... and sold my xbox as well ..
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