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    [Benchmark]3DMARK Time Spy 1.0 Scores of PakGamers

    very strong cooling will be required
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    [Benchmark]3DMARK Time Spy 1.0 Scores of PakGamers

    Voodoo | 4104 | i5 10400 @ Stock | RX 470 4GB @ 1236/1750 MHz| G.Skill16GB 2400 MHz | Win 10 x64 @nafu
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    [CPU] Benchmark: Winrar run!!!

    yes true, i5 10400 actually is an i7 of previous generation still you have reached an excellent ocing level with nowadays supporting weather :)
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    The mauler

    brother , sadly several factors have made gaming PC out of range of most people here , 1080p gaming is still possible with used 470/1060 or so, however hardcore gaming & benchmarking has become a dream
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    is this Gaming rig good ?

    Resolution of your LCD is a very important factor while choosing a GPU mid or low-mid range GPUs handle 1080p gaming easily, you can disable some settings like AA/AF/post processing etc.. if you are on tight budget the system you mentioned in 1st post is good for 1080p gaming , you may...
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    PGz help me building my Gaming PC :)

    w. salam better if you mention your budget limit as well as the monitor you have or want to buy 1. mb ... depends on your budget and requirement, i.e. you need 4 or SATA Ports, and so on 2. yes Ryzen 2600 is good for gaming, rendering and routine work 3. 1060 6 GB ok upto 1080p gaming 4...
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    Don't buy the cryorig h7.

    make sure your ryzen 3600 is OK ryzen 3600 should not reach idle 60c even with an ordinary heatsink you can test H7 on another setup and test your 3600 with another cooler to x-check
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    Help me buy midrange andriod

    an update , Realme 5 has been launched in Pakistan, so you may consider it instead of Realme 3
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    Help me buy midrange andriod

    Realme 3 4gb/64gb priced at 25k, however after discount it can be found around 23.5k~24k much faster & has more ram/rom than similarly priced mobiles of Huawei/Honor/Vivo/Redmi etc....
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    Need suggestionn regarding Cpu Cooler

    Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO (RR-TX3E-28PK-R1)
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    SOLD Silverstone Heligon Series HE01 CPU Cooler

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    [CPU] Benchmark: Winrar run!!!

    Voodoo i7 8700k @ stock (4.3 GHz) Winrar: 19,351 KB/SEC RAM corsair vengeance @ stock @ 3000 MHz Winrar version 5.6 beta 4 x64 @nafu
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    SOLD Silverstone Heligon Series HE01 CPU Cooler

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    SOLD Silverstone Heligon Series HE01 CPU Cooler

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