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  • I got the account details. But I was busy whole day and my Online is not working so I have to send via atm
    I will try to send you tomorrow.

    Address: House no15, Street no2, Opp Sasta Hotel, Main Bazar, Data Darbar, Lahore.
    Your inbox is full. Well send me your bank details on 03454298589. I will send you money by afternoon and when will you ship the item?
    Hey. Let me know if you want to throw goliathus for around 1K. I am currently using steelseries S&S solo but want a spare pad. Or let me know your fnf.
    I am from LHR so probably we can do H2H if possible.
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    2.5k he donga bro as i have to pay easypaisa charges as well! please wait till Monday if you can please cuz abhi jo pese card k liye rakhay they uska head phone leliya now i have to wait for my salary!

    do you have any receipt of it or any proof it the card is genuine or fake (Chainez copy)
    Meh.. Lifetime warranty on a GSkill Ripjaws 8gb kit for just 5700 is much better.
    Why not Rs. 5700 GSkill Ripjaws or Aeres with lifetime warranty instead. :rolleyes:

    Seriously, just sell these and go Gskill too :D

    And, no more RAM upgrades for now. 8GB is enough for me, for now. Must prioritize the 10000 kitty on other things first :)
    Seriously?! :eek:

    Damn! The price has crashed. Nah. Not yet. I might just think of getting more new ones. Damn these are getting cheap. :D
    Not sure. Not really in the mood of selling them, but could do it if I get a decent price. I don't really know. What are you eyeing? I don't really have anything in my mind at the moment, but I'll have too see the market value of new and used to judge.
    What are you paying for Vengeance chips in warranty? I might let mine go.
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