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    Want To Sell Redmi note 8 (1 Year Warranty)

    Aoa guys, Bought the box packed mobile few days before. Condition is 10/10 Warranty start next month (9 October 2020) New = Auto-Focus Black Cover New = High Quality One Tempered Glass Screen Protector Both these cost me 400+250rs Shipping Fees Already put on mobile One Normal Screen...
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Box Packed

    Aoa guys, Looking for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 mobile in moolight white color in good price. Mobile should come with official android version which is 9 (not updated to 10) 100% Seal Box packed. not open Warranty start from Sep month PTA Approved Contact me in Pm
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    Realme 3

    Aoa guys, Looking for Realme 3 4gb in excellent condition. Front and Back Side should be 10/10 No scratches Color = Blue or Radiant Blue
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    Laptop Ram

    Still need 4GB (DDR4 2133 MHZ 260-pin) for Laptop if anyone have. please pm
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    Laptop Ram

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    ASTM Level 3 Mask

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    Laptop Ram

    Salam, Want to buy two different ram for laptop 4GB (DDR4 2133 MHZ 260-pin) 4GB (DDR3 PC3-10600 1333 MHZ 204-pin) Please pm price and picture Location = Lahore
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    ASTM Level 3 Mask

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    ASTM Level 3 Mask

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    Pulse Oximeter

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    Pulse Oximeter

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    SOLD iPhone 7 Plus

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    [OT] Ali Express | All Info Hub!

    Hi, I have received All Packages. Thanks everyone for guidance :) Lesson Learned. Never Order the product before New Year.
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    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    @shah95 It happened to me hundreds of times, complain several times, but they never solved the problem. 1. I have never use the mobile data. But they still charged me. They said you are using the mobile data, so it is charging. I receive every day 3 or 4 message. Very annoying. Then I...
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    [OT] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- New lines, same old BS

    @DarkRaiden Stat guys, any idea why browsing speed is very low? My package is 8 MB. using Smart TV too. Also i submit the request to Ptcl for enable FastBoot.
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