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  • Well i dont have that Samsung handsfree anymore. I am using JVC FX-67 currently. I wont say its the best of both worlds, but its a'right. (Lets just say its not upto my standards :p) otherwise its a great piece. have to say that the noise cancellation is pretty bad ass. This pair didn't have any cover (those thingies) inside, rather it uses just two tiny holes for sound to come out (unlike usual grill type structure)

    I have tried it on that Samsung handsfree and also on that A4Tech one. The problem is that the "Huss" (especially when a high pitched instrument is played) creeks your ear drums a little bit, like it tickles. Otherwise, you 'fee' the sound come out more "Clear" and feels like "Relieved" sound.

    So you can say it depends on the quality of in-ear headphones. Lower tier (aka piece of shit) headphones have this problem the most. High End in-ear headphones will never have this kind of issue even if you remove that small
    That little 'thingy' infront of the speaker grill, is not only there to save the ear piece from ear wax, but to filter the sound. Removing that is a bad idea, and will hurt ear drums. (sm1)

    I have a little sensitive ear drums so i would never try such a thing. However, i do know people who do this. Those are the people who smoke week without any filter in the cigarette

    So are you one of them too? :p

    just kidding
    I also agree at the part that Wolfson DAC delivers exceptionally brilliant quality on a portable mobile device and i would say its the best experience you can have on a mobile phone. You can't compare it with a PC/Laptop chip but practically, it delivers the same level of quality.

    About next nexus phone having a Wolfson sound chip, you can only dream about it. Even apple stopped using Wolfson audio chips in its products after a while. I wonder if Google will bother to take this step.

    P.S. I am using Voodoo Sound since one & a half years. Never cared about it before. But after i experienced the difference, never cared to have any other phone too (sm1). If you have started experiencing Voodoo Sound in-depth these days, then i suggest you start to use it with every possible kind of audio to check the difference. I am sure you will NEVER got bored of it.

    But full sized headphones are nearly useless with a phone because of higher impedance. Thats where in-ear headphones come in because they are specifically designed to work with portable prodcuts too, hence have lower impedance, greater flexibility and equally impressive quality. But are expensive as hell.

    I agree with the Stock Samsung handsfree. Certainly one of the best "stock" handsfree. But trust me, its no different than a Rs.450/500 headphones from A4Tech. (I have used the MK650 having 10mm neodymiums, the sound quality was amazing for the price i paid for it, and i would rate them equal with a stock handsfree. However, they weren't as reliable, couldn't go for more than 7-8 months, then the wire near the 3.5mm jack broke from inside, rendering it irreparable)

    4S' quality is on part with Galaxy Nexus. Kinda hard to accept but thats the truth. You wont feel any decrease in quality, unless you compare it with a Wolfson DAC having Voodoo Sound mod.
    Furthermore, i am in process of getting Bi-Metals (by JVC) or some Sony in-ear design headphones just to enjoy the quality music experience on my cell. If you are good music listener then i suggest you get a good pair for the phone. It'll not only help you with the phone, but may also be used with the PC/Laptop/Tablet :)

    Price of S3 wont be coming down before 2 months and i am not in a hurry. (sm1)
    Ah no worries ;)

    About Voodoo Sound, thank god there is another person out there who can understand the quality a Wolfson audio chip delivers :)

    Sound is one of the core reasons i didn't get S2 for myself. And thats exactly the reason why i have chosen Galaxy S3 for my next upgrade which features more advanced audio chip than the one being used in our Nexus/Galaxy S.

    Hate those wanna be Beats Audio on HTC devices. They are worth shit. Mindless ear drum shattering Bass is not quality.

    That said, do listen to some .flac lossless music on the phone (finding some true .flacs is a problem). You'll notice the sheer quality. If you want to show someone the difference because of the chip, use some cheap earphones (say A4Tech 630/650) and then compare the device with another phone with a different chip. You'll realize how good the chip alone improves the sound quality. Means agar sastay headphones pe ye quality hay, to soch lo k expensive walon pe kya ho gi :)

    Whats the cheapest price you know, for Nexus 7 Tablet in Pakistan? Is it even available here yet?
    if I buy this instead of the smart cover, do you think its also good enough? Speck FitFolio - Red Vegan Croc in Pakistan

    I felt it would cover both, the back and front and might as well be very durable and scratch-resistant.

    or this one: Elegance Collection-Bizet Folio - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply

    Which one is better in your opinion?
    Eventhough you are not a new person here at PG who needs to be educated about stuff, but still. I will appreciate if you use the "Multi Quote" Feature ... just to eliminate the "Post added at xxx" part. And/Or to make your posts appear a bit more ... say, beautiful.

    If you want to add something, use the EDIT feature instead of simply writing it down in text box AGAIN.
    Hey bro. How'd you get hold of a xonar dg? Like bahir say liya ya pakistan say? And for how much?
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