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  • WTF? DUDE! You CAN change the Launcher as per your likings :S

    Okay if you are like me who dont like the Stupid Ass GoLauncher or any other 3rd Party in the market, then i have a surprise for you. :p
    Search for Touchwiz UX (S3 wala Launcher) at XDA. i9000 wala, S2 wala, both will work fine as they are optimzied for 480x800 Resolution.
    You should try MIUI too. After moving to Jelly Bean (while using CM10 sources) ... it has become A BEAST in performance. I have never seen MIUI perform THIS much better in my life. (Used to hate it too back in Gingerbread/ICS days -- For valid reasons)

    If you want eyecandy, move to MIUI. A single them of MIUI may have upto 100MB size. (Ofcourse those themes are much more detailed, including Lock Screen, Backgrounds, UI etc)

    I am sure you'll like it.
    i have used ALL of the CM10 themes out there dude.

    Transparent themes look gorgeous (like that Cobalt) but they are very resource hungry. For me, they have a major impact on performance.

    You may not see it now, but keep using it for some time and you'll notice it yourself.
    Oh btw, the NAND Flash of Galaxy/Nexus S is much slower as compared to the ones on latest Dual Core Xperia (Sony) devices. One MAIN reason not to buy the former mentioned.


    Xperia Sola has Total 8GB, where only 4GB is user accessible while rest of the 4GB is available to System completely.
    Xperia U has Total 8GB, where only 6GB is user accessible, while rest of the 2GB is available to System completely.

    I personally recommend Sola over U any day because of slightly bigger screen, and NFC chip. While the price difference between both is nearly insignificant.

    I am just here to let you know, you shouldn't recommend anyone a Nexus S or Galaxy S anymore. Reason being, they are old and even at 18k they dont really justify their price for a new user.

    I also own a Xperia Sola and Xperia U and i can confidently say that both of the devices are worth the price, Especially in their price range. Being Dual Core, they have their advantages.

    Ofcourse they dont have SuperAMOLED displays, but consider the Overall Performance which is better than both the Nexus S and Galaxy S.

    Add the fact that Nexus S is not available in market. ALL the handset these days are refurbished/reparied ones and SHOULD NEVER be trusted.

    I personally found >20 devices in hafeez center lahore, Nexus S in immaculate condition (seriously), but i knew they were refurbished ones.

    The point is ... Xperia Sola at/around 21k mark (brand new) is a killer deal. Performance is upto the mark and a fairly decent (read:shitty) camera. Worth every penny.
    Another favorite of mine ... Pop Style (Red), and now is aso available in Light Blue version. Looks Fantastic
    If you are a fan of SIMPLE (yet Elegant) looks like me then i prefer the following. (Its paid ofcourse, but i have it uploaded (read: Loaded)) :looking: ... HERE (Matted Blue). ... its my personal favorite because it changes the UI in such a way that it doesn't give you any hint that you are using a "Theme". Also, it doesn't even affect memory in any way (unlike some Transparent themes in market which are a resource hogger)

    Try THIS (Sense Green Theme) if you are so annoyed by Too Much Blue (frankly, i am <_< & I Cant stand that much Blue now) ... And this reminds me of Gingerbread era. Now i know Green looks much more cooler than stupid Blue. (Ironically, my favorite color is Blue :tv:)
    Congratulations :) NOW you can be called a True Androidian :p

    Though you are VERY late to the party. I have been using Custom Roms and such for a LONG time now. And i must tell you, i can BARELY live with the Stock ROM manufacturer provides. Even on S3, the stop rom becomes too boring after some time.

    Anyway, do download some themes to change the UI a little bit.
    Please consider keeping fanboyism and flame wars at bay. I haven't had any interaction with you on the forums, so consider this a friendly warning. Thank you :)
    ... battery life AND the bandwidth.

    I hear ya brother.

    And You know, 'i'diots can be pure dickheads at times ;)
    I am not using Touch Wiz lol :p

    But i have checked again and on Jelly Bean there is no such feature mentioned in settings. I can swear i have seen a Sync button in Gallery when i was running ICS on it :S
    Also, they may be the most comfortable headphones you have ever used, but thats not the case. Because i have used Rs.500 worth of headphones which offer the same comfort level as Bi-Metals. (Dont judge the quality with comfortability --- And i am talking about A4Tech MK-650 ... which are obviously stupendously cheap and offer really great value for money. And you see ... the trick is, to get the Best possible sound from "Best sounding Audio Chip i.e. Wolfson WM8994)

    And there is another pair of headphones, the FX67 which i consider great value for money. (Thanks to LeGenD123 for informing me about them)

    However, as compared to high end Sony, Bose, Seinhieser headphones ... YES they are indeed great value for money.
    Oh Frack :S

    I was just looking at the "View Converstaion" tab and found out >1 month old VM by your regarding Bi-Metals. Really sorry man, somehow ... i totally missed reading them :S

    Anyway, i assumed you knew about the "Breaking In" procedure. I am glad you did find out about it eventually. You dont really have to wear brand new headphones for breaking in. Just leave them running for like 3-4 hours, and the speakers start to perform well.

    Also, i dont know why you are saying the Bass is "WEAK". May be because you are coming from Samsung earbuds which have the tendency to sound THICK (with deep, but useless, ear-bud hurting bass). The bass on Bi-Metals is how the bass should be.
    JVC is overrated here. However, Bachelor took a great initiative bringing these products to Pakistan.

    The only thing good about them is that they are 'cheap', and do well in price/performance. (some of the products ofcourse)

    Also, JVC should NOT be considered as 'audiophiles' brand. Sennheiser, Bose etc are a handful of examples i know of.
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