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  • btw where would you get the CE from? and EU or US? shahid bhai has encountered some unforeseen problems.... UK stores unwilling to ship it :/
    i don't think it will be huge... but i don't think it will be miniature as well... probably a little bigger than the tennis ball... but it's 100% steel
    i just checked it out... how was SC2 CE different from D3? :| usb with the previous game (though i admit raynor's dog-tag is way cooler than a soulstone), raynor figurine which is comparable to the steel behemoth that is diablo's head (personally, diablo takes the edge here)... but reports suggest that the soulstone usb can fit into diablo's head :eek: which will be awesomeness :p the box for SC2 was phenomenal though.... D3 box is good but it's too simple no?
    yea the WoW and SC2 bundles were better i've heard.... but like you said, it's D3.... the father of all games
    same here.... already confirmed my st. ed with SEvolution but considering the price of CE, really mulling it over
    tried d3 open beta?? i gave it a try and it's facking amazing.... played co-op like crazy :p you'll be getting retail or "yo-ho-ho and a bottle o' rum"?
    ofcourse :p most awaited game for the past 6 or so years for me. finishing up with distractions like mass effect right now so i can devote full attention to le awesomeness that is Blizzard
    true... with so much talk recently about podolski, even he's not fully committed to arsenal... claiming he'd like to play for lazio with klose now.... hazard and gotze would require some serious money, both in terms of transfer fee and wages.... major re-structuring required at the board... if rvp leaves, that would be the final straw for many i presume... take away his contributions this season, and arsenal would be lucky to be mid-table... arsenal have to keep hold of him at all costs
    thoughts on rvp? think arsenal can hold on to him? it will be quite a test if the giants come a calling... no chance he'll go to city though
    hahaha yeah... don't even think they can hold on to the 4th spot... they've pulled off a classic arsenal :p
    What do u need ibrahim, my relative is coming from CANADA. so i can get it. U need to decide before 15th march
    great game... the only one so far apart from dead space (first one) that had me looking back while playing :D
    lulz really??? hard to believe... it's one of THE hot games.... i dl-ed the blackbox version from ipt.... working flawlessly.... try that
    not really.... it's a huge open world rpg, with the dragon age origins leveling system, and God of War/Devil May Cry type combat. give it a go at my recommendation. you won't be disappointed. the gameplay is so friggin' good even dungeoning in this game is fun
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