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  • That's good to hear. I see you dropping by the TV show thread talking about POI :p . Do swing by the sports section as well atleast during the Euros anyways, we miss you <3
    good idea.... speak to shahid bhai.... can't say when he's gonna get his shipment though
    finished the game once..... AAAAAHHHHH that felt good.... now playing on Nightmare difficutly :D
    lulz that's exactly the problem i faced..... my plan is to go for the disc version now, and in a month or 2 when the price and all that shit goes down a bit, i'll get the CE and sell the disc that came with it.... and bury everything else under my bed and occasionally un-bury it, kiss it and bury it again.... all gollum style beeches
    seriously man.... i've never gone from high to low in a space of 3 minutes like that :( low to high i can remember..... 99 final.... terry slipping and falling on his arse :D .... but nothing from high to low :( here's hoping we strengthen in the summer.....

    as for diablo, same here man.... i won't get the disc for a couple of weeks atleast and fooking exams in june don't end till the 19th.... i have no idea how i'm supposed to wait till then
    33 hours left brother.... but my disc will take a week to arrive :( see you in Sanctuary in a week
    Salam! I am thinking about getting the notepal E1. Its supposed to have a little less than double the airflow of the massive23 LX. Haven't made a confirmed decision yet though.
    Using it with Dell Inspiron n5110

    I am looking for a Y USB male cable to plug in 2 ports of the laptop to one port of the pad to double the power input, to see if the fan speed and air flow increases. If it proves successful, then I might keep the massive23.

    What about you, are you satisfied with the massive23?
    let's see.... shahid bhai is trying his utmost to get those Abuses will lead to bany sites to co-operate lol.... will see how it turns out.....

    in the meantime, got witcher 2 for 360.... let's get another distraction outta the way :p
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