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  • Acha pirzada b ha pg pe? Thats awesome..! think one of you 2 contacted me asking about suffa before getting in DSU ...must'v been him... If not to phir 1 aur bnda b hoga pg ka suffa me :D
    I have the entire Hitchhiker's collection from Douglas Adams. It's pretty good (Book 1 is legendary). I will send it over once I am back.
    Great..give me some time...and I'll get back to you...and is time frame an issue? I am out of Pakistan at the moment and will be returning in September, that works?
    Sorry don't have any advice for that.. I just messed around in my summers and just assumed admission tests were no big deal. Ended up dropping a few points short of the cutoff for FAST, scored great in DSU's test though
    Saw your conv with EternalBlizzard. DON'T GO TO ANEES HUSSAIN. Worst 30k I've ever spent. If you can study on your own then just get an ECAT book and revise stuff and get a feel for what tests are like for different Unis.
    For Suffa, atleast when I applied the test was simple enough that you could ace it only with 3 days of going through stuff.
    Damn your' in one corner. But honestly if you are going for FAST i don't think you'll need to join a coaching centre. FAST test is pretty easy, as for DHA Suffa ask Fate or Solid Link how was the test. It'd be better if you buy an ECAT book to get an idea of how they ask MCQs in tests and just study yourself.
    No i'd recommend Sir samar. Anees hussain is too expensive and they don't teach it's like ratta. Sir Samar teaches at Mak located at Landi Kotal and in Gulshan too i guess. But he has his own coaching center (SN collegiate) in Gulberg. I studied from there. In his own Coaching center he teaches phy chem and math all of these where as in Mak he teaches only 1 or 2 of these. I'd recommend going to gulberg if you can. He recently opened up another of his centres in gulshan but i don't know the details. I can give you the number you can ask details.
    Right now we already have quite a few distributorships. Adding another of the a same product line currently is not feasible as market demand is not really high. We would love to add more in the future, but I don't see it happening very soon.
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