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    Who will win the World Cup 2018?

    No fanboy and my guess is argentina will be even out before quarterfinal :d Do you really think purtogal can win it :p? its worldcup not euro, Germany most likely or else one of Brazil or France is most likely win it
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    Who will win the World Cup 2018?

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    The Official PG Jokes...

    A very religious man lived right next door to an atheist. The religious man prayed every single day and night, spending much time at church, while the atheist never even thought of such acts. However, the atheist had a good life. An excellent, well-payed job, and a beautiful wife, lovely...
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    -|- Random Funny Pictures and Gifs Official Thread -|-

    ---- - - - Updated - - -
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    The Official PG Jokes...

    An unemployed mechanic decides to open a clinic to make money. The sign outside the clinic wrote "we cure everything for 50 pounds, if not cured we return you 100 pounds". A doctor thought it was a good chance to earn 100 pounds so he goes in. Doctor (as patient) - "Doctor I have lost my sense...
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    The Official PG Jokes...

    Discution with a random women. - Sweetie, when we will go to gym?. * Are you calling me fat?. - Ok, If you dont want, no!. * You're calling me weak? - No! when I said that?. * Oh, Now, I am a liar? - No! Don't get mad ,dear. * Oh, are you calling me hysteric?. - No!! Forget...
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    General Football Discussion: FIFA 2018 France WINS it again after 20 years.

    Wow what a game! Can't believe PSG going through with 10 man :D
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    Strange and Funny news

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    The Official PG Jokes...

    A man is driving down a deserted stretch of highway when he notices a sign out of the corner of his eye. It reads: SISTERS OF ST. NORTON HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION 10 MILES He thinks it was just a figment of his imagination and drives on without a second thought. Soon he sees another sign which...
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