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  • Haven't touched my PS3 in about 3 weeks now. Off gaming for a bit. But I'm trying to learn UMVC. Let's see how it goes.
    Hey bro! You posted a visitor message like months back! Sorry, just saw it. You probably have SFxT by now :p
    Saad this is Shahid i hope you remember we met at Imran's Valima

    SFxT will hit my store by tuesday MAX! Price est ranging 5.2k-5.5k Region1
    Street Fighter 4 tourney coming up in a week. Winning 50% of total entries. Who has the HADOKEN ! ! ! ! ?
    hey dude, tourney at my place on saturday 22nd jan at 1:00 sharp. Be there with your controller...
    Haha, yeah, I saw that video; it was pretty cool even though I HATE Dieminion. lol, anyways, man, you gotta come to the one on the 24th! That one isn't gonna matter anyways and we'll just troll all the competition and stuff, and you know, it'll give us somewhat of an idea of what we're up against. :D And you know, maybe after the thing, we could play a few casuals if they let us and learn new things from each other! :D Come on, man, you know it'll be awesome, so come to both! Haha.
    I see. Well I wouldn't say Abel is broken against Guile... I mean yeah, it's apparently a 6-4 match up against Guile but I still think he has all the tools to keep Abel out. Haha, but anyways, I'm sure you'll figure it out and do fine against him, if you do run into him! :D

    Anyways, I had totally forgotten Guile was your main... Haha, now I'm hoping I don't run into you with your Guile in the 2p position because then I would be too occupied trying to comprehend the sheer awesomeness of his theme to actually concentrate on the fight! lol, man, Guile's theme is just so epic! Even though I like most of the old school themes better, not really into the whole techno thing SSFIV did, but damn, I gotta admit, Guile's version with a techno sorta twist sounds killer... Especially that added intro, that shit is just too good. :D
    Yeah, I know it's been split into two days. I'm thinking of totally trolling on the 24th by picking Dan and stuff. xD And then play seriously on the 1st. Haha, but what makes you so sure IronTriggor will win? :p After all, YOU were the one who beat him in the tournament we recently had.
    Here's hoping you do well in the tournament as well! :D And I'm not that difficult to spot really... Tall, kinda fat, dark-skinned, and with short hair. Haha, and I'll probably just come up to you first and introduce myself since I know what you look like thanks to your profile picture so you don't have to worry about it. lol, looking forward to seeing you there and that tournament, man! That shit's gonna be epic! I'm so hyped. Haha.
    Haha, I think that feeling is vice versa (if that can be said). I totally can't imagine how you can play with the directional buttons. lol
    Wow, you actually prefer the pad over an arcade stick, eh? Haha, that's cool. Yeah, I know I should practice with a PS3 controller but trouble is, I don't have a PS3. :eek: And not only that, NONE of my friends that have a PS3 are even remotely interested in fighting games so I'm pretty much gonna have to adapt on the go... But since I play using the left stick on the 360, and plan on using the left analog stick for the PS3, I'm hoping the switch won't affect me as much. I can imagine the switch making a significant difference if you play with the directional buttons on both controllers, but I think it wouldn't make THAT much of a difference since the analog sticks on both controller are pretty much the same.
    Ah okay, that's such a relief... I figured if you'd been playing with the sticks then I'd be totally fucked for the tournament coming up cause I've never even touched PS3 controller when it comes to SSFIV. xD Thanks for the info, I just wanted to know if the switch would make a different. :)
    I'm good, thanks. Hmmm... I see, so do you play with the left stick on the 360 or the D-pad? And what did you play with on the PS3 pad? The directional buttons or the analog stick?
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