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  • I'm selling my ipod nano. 5th generation. 8gb. Black colour. Contact me if your interested.
    I also have a sony usb music player. Send me a pm if your interested. I'll send you the pictures.
    Tips for getting A in Pakistan Studies in O levels please? As u got A in pk.st this year??? Especialy History!
    There once was a guy who wanted to trade some DVDs with another guy and after a lot of discussion over what DVDs to trade,the other Guy was constantly delaying it because he was lazy.:p.The 1st guy waited & waited for the reply and soon became hopeless...............That guy was me & the other Guy was you!..:D..
    The End!
    Moral: Aaj ka kaam kal per mat choro!:)p)
    check your thread mate. i posted the solution, 1366x768 is the correct res for your tv.

    and 42k is a good price mate
    Yes,It WAS raining...Now it's clear!...
    and Bro tell me something soon.....Coma Aan!..We've already wasted enough time!...
    Wait a minute!....How do you know about Lahoree Weather!...I wanted to remind you that we wanted to Ahmm......Trade the DVDs!..
    buddy then be reasonable in ur demand too. And plz let me know ur absolute final. I'd say make it 8.5K and finalize the deal. Buddy kindly consider my offer seriously. thanx
    What???........Stalker's in Russian!...DAMMIT i already have it!.Forget it then!.....btw Dude you're annoying!...:p
    Ok now we are 6 DVDs behind;
    I've selected the 6;
    1:according to greta
    2:the princess and the frog (this is an animation.Right?)
    3:grown ups
    5:imagine that
    6:tooth fairy
    Just do it Now!
    Ha........Now i've forgotten the list....Lemme just copy / paste it!
    stalker call of pripyat (only if it's english Version)=1dvd
    the sims 3=2dvds
    metro 2033=2dvds=1dvd9
    prince of persia the forgotten sands=2dvds=1dvd9
    ToTAL= 9DVD 5s!...
    I don't want little money for the extra DVDs...Just gimme whatever you have in good prints including Grown ups & Predators.....You want 14 while i want 9...So just give me anything in good print OR please list all the good prints ( if u Have any)....
    Last but not the least;
    Yar!...Why don't you reply???.Do you hate replying?.....Tomorrow is Sunday!....I'm free!...Are courier services open on sunday?....Come On!...For the sake of free trader score!..I know it doesn't matter to you but it does to me!..:D
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