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  • Online :p this is somewhere in taiwan etc going by the car. Doesn't look like a mehran :p
    Got married 2 years ago, Moved to the US earlier this year :p Living the American dream.
    Dude i just saw an internship for a Unity3D developer. And now i am confused whether i should apply or not because i was thinking of studying low level stuff and i know if i got selected all my time will be consumed in this internship but the experience of working with a team or in a office is invaluable too. I am still in my 2nd year (completed 3rd semester). Any opinions or suggestions ? :D How did you manage intern and self learning stuff :s
    bro i hope u are in good health i would like to know that my gtx 460 cyclone died ihad two choices gtx 750ti for 13.5k and gtx 660 for 14.5k both are new.I chose gtx 660 plz gimme ur opinion on this i have a q8200 with antec ea 500w thx in adv
    Thanks for such a detailed response. I ll definitely keep that in mind as I plan ahead.

    Take care.

    PS: Your inbox was full, so decided to respond here.
    dude come on :p .. so when/where do i collect it from you ? I kinda forgot where you live :p
    bro do you have a copy of uncharted 3 i can borrow for a few days ? the game isn't jailbreak friendly for some reason, there's REALLY long load times between every area (it doesn't background stream properly on jailbreak).
    I'm opting it but everyone is saying girls giveup in CS around 3rd or 4th semster and run out with their heels on head and tranfer in other subject.This thing is horrifying me :/
    Thanks shyer for posting your ielts result . I want to know whether you appeared for the test through aeo or british council ? And when did you appear for the test ?
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